Naseeruddin Shah Viral Video: Ruining The Whole Atmosphere The Fan’s Selfie Infuriated Naseeruddin Shah, Who Was Taken Aback

Naseeruddin Shah Viral Video: Although Naseeruddin Shah, a Bollywood actor, is well-known for his intense acting, his temper is still a source of controversy in real life. His fury is sometimes directed towards the fans, and other times it is expressed on social media and in interviews. His very irate appearance in a video is one of many that is going viral.

Naseeruddin Shah Viral Video

Naseeruddin Shah Viral Video

Actor Naseeruddin Shah of Bollywood has a distinct persona in the business. Over his career, he has portrayed a variety of characters and attained a unique position. The performer is still involved in theater and is engaged in the performing community. In addition to movies, his rage has made him newsworthy. He may be seen becoming angry in a recent video that is going popular on social media. He can be seen becoming upset with the fan in the video for asking him to take a selfie. Reactions to this video of Naseer have also begun to arrive.

Naseeruddin Shah This Video Is Going Viral On Social Media

Reportedly taken at Delhi Airport, this video is becoming popular on social media. Naseeruddin Shah is shown exiting the elevator on an upward trajectory during this. He passes several admirers who are begging that he take selfies while he is traveling. Unfortunately, it seems that Naseeruddin Shah is not in the mood to quit now.

He’s seen chastising the fan and is clearly furious. Starting from the middle, the video that is becoming viral is incomplete. You’ve completely ruined my mood, Naseer is yelling in this passage. Naseer is asked this by a fan: “I assume you’ll be photographed the next time”? You people just don’t get it, Naseer yells in frustration at this. “Understood, understood,” the fan responds.

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