Aditya Narayan Video News: People Were Incensed By Aditya Narayan’s Misconduct With Fans, As He First Struck With a Microphone Before Hurling a Phone

Aditya Narayan Video News: A performance video by vocalist Aditya Narayan is becoming popular. Aditya Narayan snatches and discards a fan’s phone in this video.

Aditya Narayan Video News

Aditya Narayan Video News

Aditya Narayan is a multi-talented artist who also sings. Aditya Narayan is also seen presenting a number of programs in addition to this. Actor, presenter and musician Aditya Narayan has a strong fan base. Aditya Narayan is now the target of vicious abuse on social media due to a video of his performance that went viral. Aditya Narayan’s most recent video has sparked debate. Let’s examine what exactly in Aditya Narayan’s video is causing people to criticize him.

Aditya Narayan Video News: People Were Incensed By Aditya Narayan’s Misconduct With Fans

On social media, a video of Aditya Narayan performing is becoming viral more and more. All of Aditya Narayan’s supporters showed up to the college in Chhattisgarh where he was performing. Aditya Narayan is seen performing a song in the video that is becoming viral. Aditya Narayan approaches a fan during this and gives him a mic tap on the hand before grabbing his phone and discarding it. The reason Aditya Narayan lost his temper and misbehaved with the fan is still unknown. People began attending Aditya Narayan’s courses as soon as his video became viral.

Individuals Are Lying to Aditya Narayan

Aditya Narayan is facing harsh criticism from the public after his video went viral. ‘After all, why so much pride?’ a user wrote. A user asked, “Who acts like this with fans?” in their post. ‘Why so arrogant?’ a user has written. Somebody wrote, ‘Flop.'” Many people have harshly complimented Aditya Narayan in this manner. Aditya Narayan turned his Instagram account private at the same moment.

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