Melodrama of the Raymond Family: After Divorcing His Wife And Kicking Away His Father, Gautam Singhania Now Experienced this Occurrence

Melodrama of the Raymond Family: The Singhania family of Raymond Group is involved in some kind of melodrama. CEO of the company Gautam Singhania was seen with his father Vijaypat Singhania once again. About this, he has also published a post on ‘X’.

Melodrama of the Raymond Family
Melodrama of the Raymond Family

Melodrama of the Raymond Family

According to the account, a wealthy industrialist father gave his younger son full control of the company after kicking out his older son. The younger son then cast out his own father, who had given him the whole company, from his own home. Subsequently, the father spoke in the media about being kicked out of the home, sparking debate all around. The problem did not end here.

After the boy and his mother separated after over thirty years of marriage, the father and son were living apart. This caused a great deal of controversy in the media, and now that the son was abandoned by everyone, the father he had kicked out of the home came back to him.

This is the narrative of the Singhania family from Raymond Group, an industrial firm, not of any soap opera. The story’s protagonists are Raymond’s employer, Gautam Singhania, his younger son, and his divorced wife, Nawaz Modi. Let us examine the whole relationship.

Big Update on ‘X’

On social networking platform ‘X’ on Wednesday, Raymond’s supervisor Gautam Singhania shared a picture of himself and his father Vijaypat Singhania with the message, “It was good to spend time at home with father today, took his blessings.” I’ll always be hoping for your health.

His post became viral only by being shared. The whole family drama began to revolve around people’s thoughts. People also began to recall the period after Gautam Singhania and Nawaz Modi’s divorce. You will have a great understanding of this family drama if you have seen the “Made in Heaven” television series on Prime Video. Let us once again inform you…

Raymond’s Whole Family Drama is This

Since the era of Vijaypat Singhania, the father of Gautam Singhania, the Raymond family has been involved in melodrama. Madhupati Singhania, Vijaypat Singhania’s older son, did not get along. In 1998, Madhupati moved to Singapore, leaving behind his father’s property and his children’s rights over it. Immediately after this, in July 1999, Gautam Singhania was promoted and made the director of Raymond.

But as Madhupathi’s four grown-up children in Singapore grew older, they began to claim rights over their ancestors’ belongings in 2015, which is when the conflict between Vijaypat and Madhupathi went public. According to the media reports at the time, Madhupati stated in an affidavit that Vijaypat had a very “feudal” mindset and mistreated his wife.

A Mint report also disclosed that Vijaypat and his brother Ajaypat were not on good terms. The brother of Vijaypat liked to lead an opulent lifestyle. Later, when he died, Vijaypat bequeathed all these things to his wife Veena Devi and two sons Anant and Akshaypat. The elder generation’s failure to leave behind their accurate will was a major contributing factor to the conflicts within the Singhania family.

Following this, in 2013, Vijaypat was moved by his younger son Gautam Singhania to the Raymond family’s home, “J.K.” ‘House’ thrown out of the house. Then, after 32 years of marriage and around Diwali last year, Gautam Singhania announced his intention to file for divorce from wife Nawaz Modi. This incident was also widely discussed in the media, which included Nawaz Modi demanding 75 percent of his net worth (about Rs 8,745 crore) in exchange for settlement and staging a midnight dharna after JK House.

Now it has been almost 6 months since the news of their divorce, when probably the settlement is to be completed. Then the matter of his father returning home is quite unique. Amidst the divorce developments, father Vijaypat Singhania had also said in the media that he will support daughter-in-law Nawaz Modi in this matter.

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