Anupam Mittal And Aman Gupta Controversy: Shark Tank India 3″Selling Speakers is Not a Small Business,” Anupam Mittal lashes out at Aman Gupta

Anupam Mittal And Aman Gupta Controversy: Together, Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal have collaborated on “Shark Tank India” for the last three seasons. Both of them have completed several commercial transactions together throughout this time. However, throughout the episode, it is often observed that the two of them are at odds with one another. ‘Shark Tank India USP is now these two’s constant teasing of one other.

Anupam Mittal And Aman Gupta Controversy

Anupam Mittal And Aman Gupta Controversy

The most recent episode of “Shark Tank India 3” included participation from sharks Ritesh Aggarwal and Amit Jain in addition to Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Aman Gupta. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) digital platform was one of the business concepts pitched to these five sharks. They requested Rs 1 crore from the sharks in exchange for 1% stake on this digital platform, which is really a legal forum for resolving disputes between parties outside of court. The sharks got into a brawl among themselves in the meantime because they were so keen to obtain this legal deal, which was being offered for the first time on “Shark Tank India.”

Aman Gupta and Namita were the first to make an offer to the pitcher after his presentation. Following these two, Amit Jain made this legal firm an offer on their behalf. Some time later, Anupam Mittal shook hands with Amit Jain, and Ritesh joined Namita and Aman.

Anupam and Aman Run into Each Other

“We have worked with and managed big international companies for the last 14 months, so we will prove beneficial for you,” Aman said in an attempt to entice the pitcher. After hearing Aman’s remarks, Anupam made a statement about him, stating, “This is the networking business.” We are not in the audio or speaker business here! As usual, Aman singled out Anupam as well, telling the pitcher to make his decision by seeing who is working calmly and who is losing his cool.

A Deal Struck For the Sake of Peace

Following much deliberation, the organization chose to work with Aman, Ritesh, and Namita. Aman and Namita congratulated him on his choice, saying, “You have made the right choice and you will never regret this decision.” Once the sale was finalized, Aman grabbed Anupam’s leg once again and said, “It was being said that I am the tech king.” I Felt Awful for them, hehe.

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