Yana Mir Airport Viral Video: Kashmiri Teenager Whose Remarks Sparked Debate The Moment She Arrived in Delhi From London

Yana Mir Airport Viral Video: Journalist and social activist Yana Mir from Jammu and Kashmir has posted a video on her account, which has sparked several inquiries about the customs officers at Delhi Airport. Yana Mir claims that the airport staff harassed her and thought she was a smuggler.

Yana Mir Airport Viral Video
Yana Mir Airport Viral Video

Yana Mir Airport Viral Video

The comment made recently by social activist and journalist Yana Mir from Jammu and Kashmir in Britain went viral. During a Jammu and Kashmir Study Circle event in the United Kingdom, she said that she was “not Malala Yousafzai, and is safe in India.” Following his remarks, he was widely debated and received appreciation for them. His comment was captured in a video that was extensively shown on news and social media. However, something that occurred to him as soon as he arrived in Delhi from London caused controversy.

Yana Mir said in a video she posted on Instagram that customs officers stopped her as soon as she arrived at the Delhi airport and began looking through her bags. She can be heard complaining in the video that the customs officers mistreated her and that her baggage was left out in public. Yana continues, “I do not want any special treatment for myself, but harassing citizens like this is dictatorship,” in response to a criticism.

Customs Authorities in Delhi Thought The Brand Was Smuggled

What I said about India in London is true; I am free and secure in India, Yana Mir stated in the description of her video on X. When I went back to India, how was I received? Why are you carrying Louis Vuitton shopping bags, madam? Have your bag scanned and open. Have you paid for them? The bills are where?

In other words, Mir went on to write that I am seen by Delhi Customs authorities as a “brand smuggler” and by Londoners as a “Indian media warrior.”

In Response To The Video, People

Comments on this video have been made by people in a variety of ways. Some X-users have attempted to clarify to Yana Mir that this is the authorities’ job, even if some have labeled the customs officers’ attitude as incorrect.

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