Google Fined in France: Will India Likewise Pay the Rs 2274 Crore Punishment that Google Must Pay in France, Which Amounts To Rs 2261 crore? Understand the Whole Situation

Google Fined in France: Google has been fined by France for failing to pay news publishers. Instead of being assessed at Rs 1,2 crore, this penalty is Rs 2,261 crore. What impact will Google’s harsh actions have on users, and how crucial is it to take them? Will Google make any significant moves to get this money back? Inform us.

Google Fined in France
Google Fined in France

Google Fined in France

In the mobile space, Google still has a 70% share. On the other hand, this percentage rises to 83.49% when discussing search engines. You may get an idea of the size of Google’s user base from this. How crucial is it to take strong action against Google in this case, and what impact will it have on the users? Is Google going to take significant action to get this money back?

Google Faces A Steep Fine

Since Google was fined by France for failing to compensate news publishers for their content, we have brought up the severity of the situation today. Instead of Rs 1,2 crore, Rs 2,261 crore has been levied as punishment. This disagreement reportedly lasted for a very long period. It’s time to make a choice now. Google was fined Rs 2274 crore in India a few days ago as well. The incorrect exploitation of its control over Android users was the cause of this.

Regarding the steps Google will take to pay back the fine. Allow us to explain. Whenever a business experiences a loss, its management makes a number of steps to turn the business around. The fine will be added to the firm’s expenditures, which will be included in the costs the company spent during that time, but it will reduce the net profit. In order to address this issue, Google will need to either implement new guidelines or establish a regulation requiring payment from users.

This is What the Result Will Be

Let us inform you that Google now compensates news producers for their news uploads. Additionally, it splits advertising income with the YouTube channel that makes money. Currently, millions of individuals make money from their own websites and YouTube channels. Subject-matter experts claim that Google may adjust its revenue sharing model to make up for this shortfall. Those whose income comes from Google Ads revenue will be impacted financially by this.

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