Robin Minz Out of IPL 2024: Robin Minz, who hit 328 runs with 42 sixes and fours in the IPL 2024, paid a high price for riding a sports bike

Robin Minz Out of IPL 2024: For the first IPL, Robin Minz was chosen. Seeing him having a fun on the IPL pitch was a sign that his name ought to have been called out. Nevertheless, he had already made news. The first reason was a sports bike accident, and the second reason is because it won’t be in the IPL in 2024.

Robin Minz Out of IPL 2024
Robin Minz Out of IPL 2024

Robin Minz Out of IPL 2024

The IPL 2024 chessboard has been set up. This chessboard will have the marks of several Jharkhand players. However, Robin Minz, the player purchased in this year’s IPL auction from the same state, will have to wait. He isn’t playing in the IPL 2024, which is why. His sports bike was the cause of his dismissal; he had an accident while riding it on the road and was unable to recover completely. As a consequence, he was dropped by his Gujarat team, who then added Karnataka wicketkeeper batsman BR Sharath for the 2024 Indian Premier League.

Robin Minz was bought by Gujarat Titans for Rs 3.60 lakh

Bokaro, Jharkhand-born wicketkeeper batsman Robin Minz was acquired by Gujarat Titans for Rs 3.60 lakh. However, Robin Minz, who was set to become the first tribal player in the Indian Premier League, had an accident while riding his Kawasaki Superbike a few days after the auction. He was not severely hurt in the incident, however. There have also been rumours that he would return for the IPL in 2024. However, Robin Minz and his father, who works at Ranchi Airport, must have been astonished to learn that he was gone.

A Karnataka player took Robin Minz’s position.

In place of Robin Minz, BR Sharath has joined the Gujarat Titans. Right-handed wicketkeeper batsman BR Sharath of Karnataka was acquired by the Gujarat franchise at a base price of Rs 20 lakh. A 27-year-old, BR Sharath has played in 20 first class matches and 43 List A and 28 T20 matches.

328 runs were scored with 42 sixes and fours!

The T20 format of the IPL makes it crucial to monitor BR Sharath’s performance in this style of cricket. BR Sharath has amassed 328 runs in T20 cricket, with 42 sixes and fours. In 28 T20 matches, he scored these runs, which included 12 sixes and 30 fours out of 42 sixes-fours. BR Sharath’s strike rate was 118.84 during this time.

However, Robin Minz, who did not play in the 2024 Indian Premier League, was also a wicketkeeper. used to use his left hand to bat. The 21-year-old athlete had no prior match experience. However, because of his combative manner, he was often referred to as Jharkhand’s Chris Gayle.

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