A fifty by Rahul brings India close to the first-innings lead.

A precise fifty by Rahul and degree turn In Hyderabad, Rahul, in his new middle order position in Tests, nearly propelled India to the first-innings lead against England. Rahul and Shreyas Iyer shared a pivotal fifty-four-run partnership as India entered the midday break on Day 2 with 222/3, a 24 run deficit.

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fifty by Rahul

As he stepped down the track second ball to smash Joe Root over his head for a boundary, Yashasvi Jaiswal proceeded from where he left off on the second morning. He had previously performed his own rendition of “Bazball” on the first day of the competition. On the other hand, the former captain of England had the last laugh as Jaiswal ended up chipping one back to Root in the same over, causing Root to leave the court with 80 runs.

If Ben Foakes had been able to get a hold of an outside edge that had just risen off the surface, India may have also lost Rahul in the same over. It is interesting to note that the on-field umpire ruled that it was a bye, and England would not have been able to appeal the judgment even if Foakes had successfully caught it because they had lost all three of their reviews on the first day of the match.

At the opposite end of the ring, Shubman Gill was unable to make up his mind regarding his footwork. At one point, he lost his concentration and attempted to throw Root to the ground in an effort to break the shackles. Ben Stokes was unable to see the ball in the glare, which is a fortunate turn of events because the mistimed shot managed to fall safely.

On the other hand, Gill was unable to make the most of that moment since he ultimately managed to escape as he was continuing his attempt to escape. With a fuller delivery that Gill attempted to whip with little real control, Tom Hartley was able to open his account in Test cricket.

This was despite the fact that he had been beaten extremely badly on the first day of the match. He was only able to strike it in a tame manner, which was to send it straight to the fielder at midwicket batting. At the other end of the field, Rahul was the one who was doing the majority of the scoring as he gained confidence after hitting two consecutive boundaries off of Hartley and then swept Root for another boundary.

fifty by Rahul
fifty by Rahul

Mark Wood was released by Ben Stokes shortly after Shreyas Iyer arrived at the crease; nonetheless, the bowler was able to bowl at Rahul for the most part, and he also conceded three boundaries throughout the process. Iyer took on a short delivery from Hartley and pulled it over deep midwicket for a six in order to rediscover some confidence.

This was done because the Wood move did not produce the intended effect which was to be expected. Root, who appeared to be the most dangerous bowler in the morning, was summoned back for a brief burst just before the lunch break; nevertheless, the two batsmen were able to emerge from the match without suffering any injuries.

Yashasvi Jaiswal scored 80 runs, KL Rahul scored 55 runs, and Joe Root scored 26 runs. India is currently 222/3, behind England by 24 runs.

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