Virat Kohli Will Not Be Selected in T20 World Cup: Stuart Broad Was Alarmed When He Heard the “Bad News” About Virat Kohli And Said, This Cannot Be True

Virat Kohli Will Not Be Selected in T20 World Cup: According to some speculations, Virat Kohli would not be included in the Indian cricket team’s T20 World Cup roster. The cricket world erupted when this information was revealed since Virat Kohli is now the finest batter in the game and has a sizable fan base.

Virat Kohli Will Not Be Selected in T20 World Cup
Virat Kohli Will Not Be Selected in T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli Will Not Be Selected in T20 World Cup

In cricket circles, Virat Kohli is a household name. He is today’s greatest batter. Admirers are eager to see him. His supporters follow him everywhere. In June of this year, the West Indies and America will co-host the T20 World Cup; however, Kohli may not be there. Reportedly, Ajit Agarkar, the Chief Selector, would speak with Kohli regarding the selection committee’s decision to leave him out of the T20 World Cup. The former England fast bowler Stuart Broad is shocked to learn that Virat Kohli would not be participating in the Twenty20 World Cup.

Cricket will be promoted in America thanks to the ICC’s decision to host the World Cup matches there. The India vs. Pakistan match will take place in America as a result, per the decision made by the ICC. Whenever this event takes place, a sea of people gathers to see one of the highest-stakes contests in cricket history.

Broad Became Enraged

When it was announced that Kohli will not be participating in the T20 World Cup, Broad became enraged. On the social networking platform X, Broad shared his opinions on this. This cannot be true, he wrote. In response to the fans, he stated, the Indian-Pakistani match, which is scheduled to take place in New York, is one of the matches that the Indian-Pakistani cricket team is playing in America. In his letter, he said that Kohli should be chosen and that Virat is a major player in the whole globe.

This is the Cause

While the squad has numerous players in the Twenty20 format who can score runs quicker than him, BCCI feels that Virat is not suited for the West Indies’ sluggish wickets. BCCI thinks Kohli isn’t able to give the squad what they need. Chief Selector Ajit Agarkar has been tasked by the BCCI with making the choice about Virat Kohli’s future. It is Ajit Agarkar’s job to persuade them to make room for the younger players. However, Virat Kohli might earn a spot in the squad if he performs well in the IPL. IPL 2024 will therefore be particularly memorable for Kohli.

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