Babar Azam Viral Video: Did Babar Azam Refer To Azam Khan As A Rhinoceros? Viral Video of Pakistani Captain Sparks Controversy

Babar Azam Viral Video: Over a video of Pakistani captain Babar Azam, there is a commotion. Azam Khan, the Pakistani wicketkeeper, is said to have been body shamed by Babar Azam. Azam Khan claims that Babar referred to him as a rhinoceros. His supporters, however, contend otherwise.

Babar Azam Viral Video
Babar Azam Viral Video

Babar Azam Viral Video

Captain of the Pakistani cricket team Babar Azam is currently involved in another issue. On social media, there is a video of Babar Azam stating something during a practice session. After that, people start making fun of him. The captain of Pakistan has come under fire for allegedly referring to teammate Azam Khan as a rhinoceros. Nevertheless, it’s unclear from the social media video if Babar actually uttered the phrase “rhinoceros.”

Fans of Babar Assert Something Different

Following the global success of his video, Babar Azam’s supporters have rallied around the captain of Pakistan. Some who support Babar assert that they haven’t referred to Azam as a rhino. Instead, they have informed Azam Khan in Punjabi that Tera Kainda Ni Seedha Hoya. This implies, how did you not turn straight? Babar’s detractors are, however, making fun of him since the voice in the video isn’t crystal clear.

Azam Khan Has Too Much Weight

We should inform you that Azam Khan is obese. As a result, people frequently criticise his choice. Azam Khan made many errors in wicketkeeping during the last Twenty20 series against England, which raised concerns about his weight once more.

Pakistan Started Practice

The Pakistani squad is in Dallas after losing the Twenty20 series against England and Ireland. On June 6, America will play Pakistan in their first game. Babar and associates have begun practicing for this. Pakistan must go to New York following its match in Dallas, and on June 9, it will play Team India.

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