3 Food Items Will Protect You From Heat Stroke: When The Mercury Reaches 47 Degrees, These Seven Foods Can Protect You From Heat Exhaustion

3 Food Items Will Protect You From Heat Stroke: Many states have issued alerts due to the increasing damage caused by heat waves and high heat. It has been suggested that people stay inside to avoid the intense heat. Eating is a good idea if you want to prevent the heat’s terrifying effects. Eat these 7 items to stay cool during the summer.

3 Food Items Will Protect You From Heat Stroke
3 Food Items Will Protect You From Heat Stroke

3 Food Items Will Protect You From Heat Stroke

Delhi, like the rest of India, has seen temperatures of 46–47 degrees. If this is the case, you should stay indoors during the brightest parts of the day. Be very careful with what you eat if you want to keep your body cool and hydrated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that a person’s core temperature rises sharply in the event of heat stroke. Consuming foods high in electrolytes and antioxidants can aid with temperature regulation, say scientists.

You might be surprised to hear that certain summertime meals might really help you maintain a healthy core temperature. There are several nutrient-rich foods that have a higher hydration level, such as watermelon and curd. Here are seven foods that can help you avoid heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses.


Watermelon is a beloved fruit by all ages, because to its high water content (more than 90%). It can help you keep your body’s water levels steady when you drink it. Elements such as magnesium and potassium are found in watermelon. Hydrating with naturally sweet watermelon is a summertime must-have. You may prepare a delicious and refreshing drink from watermelon in addition to eating it. Stay healthy by adding cooling ingredients like mint and lemon to your drink.

Coconut Water

Coconut water, being an excellent provider of electrolytes, makes up for mineral and nutritional deficiencies, particularly those involving magnesium, potassium, and salt. On top of being sugary, it’s lower in calories. Drinking water during the summer can keep you from being dehydrated and will also make your skin seem radiant. Coconut water has several uses; one of them is making smoothies by soaking seeds in it.

Eat Mint

Mint is nutrition dense and has a cooling effect on the stomach. It is said to be beneficial for the stomach because of its chilly nature. Digestive health is enhanced by mint, which reduces gastric acidity. Mint is delicious in many forms; you can whip up mint drinks, salads, peppermint tea, and more.


Curd helps maintain a healthy digestive tract since it contains protein, probiotics, calcium, and potassium, among other vital minerals. You can reduce your risk of illness in the summer if your digestion stays good. Our nutritionist, Surabhi Pareek, insists that we have curd for lunch today. You can also make and enjoy raita, lassi, and other similar dishes. In addition to being nutritious, it has a delicious flavor.

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