Mini Switzerland in India: Spend the March Long Weekend At “Mini Switzerland,” Which is Very Far From Delhi

Mini Switzerland In India: Visit India’s “Mini Switzerland,” Auli Hill Station in Uttarakhand, if you wish to arrange a vacation to a hill station with family or friends over the long weekends that fall in March, away from the busyness of work.

Mini Switzerland In India
Delhi To Auli Hill Station?

Mini Switzerland In India

You may simply arrange a family vacation for the month of March. In actuality, Holi falls on Monday, March 25, although there will be three days off beforehand on Saturday and Sunday. You could be busy right now, but after this comes Good Friday, which falls on Friday, March 29, and then Saturday and Sunday. You may arrange a four-day vacation in this manner by adding one day to your leave. Visiting “Mini Switzerland,” or Auli, at this period may be the highlight of your trip.

Few people would like to go to Switzerland since it takes a lot of money and time to get there. However, you may visit Auli in Uttarakhand during the March vacations. So please provide specifics.

Snow Covered Mountains and Snowfall

In Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, there is a spot called Auli where the snow-covered mountains and snowfall will transport you to Switzerland. Maybe this explains why Auli Hill Station is often referred to as the “Paradise of Uttarakhand” and “Mini Switzerland.” In fact, you may schedule a vacation here at any moment with your loved ones, friends, and family. The best months to visit this place are said to be November through March.

Best Location For Those Who Like Adventure As Well

Not only will the breathtaking valleys of Auli fill your heart with joy, but here is the greatest destination for snow skiing enthusiasts. This is among India’s most well-known skiing locations. An approved location that satisfies the requirements for skiing competitions exists. In addition, the Auli ropeway offers views of the surrounding flora and tall mountains. Auli Joshimath’s ropeway is regarded as Asia’s second-best.

How Far is It From Delhi To Auli Hill Station?

In terms of distance, Auli Hill Station and Delhi are separated by almost 504 kilometers. By rail, bus, or private automobile, it will take you around nine to ten hours to get here; by air, the distance is three hundred and twelve kilometers. If you’re traveling by rail, you’ll need to disembark at the Dehradun station, from which you may take a bus or taxi to Auli.

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