Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Viral Song: Bado Badi… Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, a well-known musician from Pakistan who asks thousands of rupees for two hours

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Viral Song: Right now, a song is becoming very popular on social media. Aaye Haye, Oye Hoye Bado Badi-Bado Badi are the song’s lyrics. Pakistani artist Chahat Fateh Ali Khan performed this song. This music is being used as the basis for several memes, despite the fact that users are listening to it. Through comments, everyone is seen making fun of him. But are you aware of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s identity?

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Viral Song
Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Viral Song

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Viral Song

Aaye Hey, Oye Hoye Bado Badi, Bado Badi, Bado Badi. These days, this song is all over social media. This song must have been heard and seen by everyone through reels. Reels are being made to this song in addition to being heard on Instagram. Not only that, but after hearing it, people are making fun of it. The vocalist of this song is none other than Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, a Pakistani singer.

Who is the singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan from Pakistan?

Born in Lahore, Kashif Rana is the true name of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. Musicians are often in the news because of their music. He is well-known thanks to “Baado Badi.” Over 11 million people have viewed this singer’s song to date. When someone hears the name Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, many ask if she is related to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or any other music family. The answer is no. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and his family are unrelated to this Pakistani musician.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan left the London School of Economics after completing her studies. After finishing his education, Singer returned and made the decision to pursue a career in sports. He has also represented the Lahore cricket team in cricket. However, his entire enthusiasm altered during Covid. While residing at home, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan began creating music videos, which eventually became successful. His name continues to make news as well.

Over 2 hours, they want thousands of rupees

It became popular to refer to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan as a cringe singer. His songs “Pyaara PSL,” “Lota Lota,” “Gol Katara,” and “Tu Chor Chor Chor” have gone viral up to this point. Stage concerts often extend invitations to Pakistani singers. He performs his songs at parties and weddings as well. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan reportedly charges Rs 8 lakh for a two-hour performance at a function. In his Instagram bio, the singer lists himself as a musician/band, singer, composer, actor, and director.

Become a target of song trolling

You may be thinking that Chahat Fateh Ali Khan must have a large fan base if her songs are becoming viral. However, you will quickly discover that a significant portion of the user base is trolling them if you visit their videos and peruse the comments. On every one of his videos, there are several remarks like “Just do it, blood will come out of your ears” and “Who gives him 8 lakhs to sing a song?” In addition, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan records his songs with a woman named Ranghar.

Once the song “Aaye Haye, Oye Hoye…” got viral, the actress was subjected to a lot of trolling. Ranghar recently said in an interview that this song destroyed his career. One person questioned him why he sang this song. Ranghar replied, “I didn’t have enough money to buy Eid clothes, so I figured working in this song was better than stealing.”

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