Special Trains For Holi 2024: Railways Has Offered Special Trains, Therefore the Anxiety of Traveling to UP-Bihar During Holi is Gone

Special trains for Holi 2024: A major issue is not being able to acquire train tickets on Holi. Northern Railway is running sixteen special trains just for passengers on this occasion. Between Delhi and Bihar, this special train will go via Uttar Pradesh.

Special Trains For Holi 2024
Special Trains For Holi 2024

Special trains for Holi 2024

Everywhere in the nation, on March 25, people will celebrate Holi. It’s common for individuals to enjoy holidays at home and to reserve trains several days in advance. Many individuals find it impossible to get train tickets in such circumstances. Northern Railway is offering these passengers a Holi gift as a solution to this issue. The Railways are operating special trains on the occasion of Holi, which would allow travelers to avoid any issues with train tickets.

Getting train tickets to go home on Holi was proving to be a challenge for travelers. Northern Railway has 16 special trains operating in order to address this issue. These unique train arrangements are available from March 22 to April 1. In addition, these special trains connecting Bihar and Delhi would stop at several stations in Uttar Pradesh. The people of Uttar Pradesh would so directly profit from these trains as well.

These Special Trains Will Operate

Train 04066/04065 will go from Anand Vihar to Patna (Bihar) Junction among these. Between March 22 and March 29, this Patna train will travel every Tuesday and Friday. However, train 04062/04061 will operate out of Delhi Junction on March 24 and 31.

On March 25 and April 1, this train will depart from Barauni (Bihar) Junction. In addition, between March 22 and 29, train number 04060/04059 will depart from Anand Vihar Terminal every Tuesday and Friday. This train will depart from Jaynagar, Bihar, every Wednesday and Saturday from March 23 to 30. Anand Vihar Terminal to Saharsa (Bihar) Junction is the destination of train number 01664/01663, which will run twice. This train will depart on March 25 from Anand Vihar Terminal and return on March 27 from Saharsa.

In addition, train 04010/04009 will go from Anand Vihar Terminal to Jogbani (Bihar). On March 26 and 28, respectively, this train will depart from Anand Vihar and Jogbani. Train 04068/04067, on the other hand, will go between Delhi Junction and Darbhanga (Bihar) Junction. This train will depart Delhi Junction every Tuesday and Friday from March 22 through March 29. On the other hand, this train will operate on Wednesday and Saturday between March 23 and March 30 from Darbhanga Junction. In addition, train 04004/04005 will go between Sitamarhi (Bihar) Junction in Delhi.

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