Ola S1 Pro Bike Burning News Real or Fake: The House Situation Further Deteriorated When 7 of The Family Members Arrived at The Hospital

Ola S1 Pro Bike Burning News Real or Fake: The latest case of fire in Ola S1 Pro has come to light. The video of this accident is viral on social media. How did this electric scooter, worth around Rs 1.50 lakh, become the cause of a major accident and what did the injured family say in this case, know about it…

Ola S1 Pro Bike Burning News

Ola S1 Pro Bike Burning News

The incident included Dr. Faizan’s family, and it happened in Krishna Nagar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The Ola electric scooter involved in the incident was the S1 Pro model. The Instagram video of the devastation caused by this tragedy was posted by the sister of Doctor Faizan.

Ola S1 Pro Bike Burning News Real or Fake ?

Customers used to be afraid after hearing about incidents of electric scooter fires. Every day there were reports of e-scooter fires, but with time, these incidents have decreased. Once again, a heartbreaking instance has surfaced in which an electric two-wheeler explosion not only demolished a home but also wounded seven residents of the same residence.

The video makes it quite evident that the home and valuables have sustained significant damage as a result of the e-scooter fire. The video footage shows a few additional two-wheelers, both of which have suffered significant damage from the fire. One more thing: despite the claims made by many in the video’s comments section, which I personally discussed with Dr. Faizan about, this occurrence is entirely real. This tragedy occurred less than a year after the electric scooter was delivered, having been ordered in May 2023.

Significant Loss As a Result of The Electric Scooter Fire

He informed Dr. Faizan during a talk that he charged the electric scooter at night and went to bed at one o’clock. A few hours later, other items were burned along with the Ola electric scooter when it took fire. Regarding this topic, Dr. Faizan said that he was informed that Ola electric scooters feature auto cut charging technology during his conversation with Ola representatives about charging. This accident occurred even though the Ola electric scooter involved in it was not overcharged.

Ola and Dr. Faizan have not spoken about this topic as of now because of a lack of time. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear from the firm on this.

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Price and range of the Ola S1 Pro

The starting price of the Ola S1 Pro is Rs 1.40 lakh (ex-showroom). A 4kWh battery pack powers it. It weighs 125 kilogrammes. The e-scooter can reach a peak speed of 120 km/h. Its maximum range, when fully charged, is 195 km.

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