Low Cost Flight Tickets Booking In Flipkart: Air Travel For Less Than The Cost of A Train Ticket! Chance to Reserve a Ticket For Only Rs 1299

Low Cost Flight Tickets Booking In Flipkart: Take a look at Flipkart’s offerings if you want to travel on the cheap. On e-commerce sites, there is a chance to reserve flights for very cheap costs. Flipkart deals are available to customers on both local and international flights.

Low Cost Flight Tickets Booking In Flipkart

Low Cost Flight Tickets Booking In Flipkart

Everybody’s desire in a place like India is to go by air. While some have finished it, others are dreaming of the day when they will be able to fly. Thanks to the e-commerce site, you can now book flights at very low costs, fulfilling your goal. Flipkart will provide you with discounts on tickets for both local and international travel. Flights may be booked for as little as Rs 1,299 at this time.

You may enjoy discounts on flights from various airlines when you take advantage of Flipkart Flights deals. For almost the same amount of money that you would pay for a train ticket, you could get an airline ticket. You must use the promo code in order to take advantage of Flipkart’s airfare specials. You will get inexpensive airfares after using them.

Very Low Cost Flight Tickets In Flipkart Only 1299

In India, the most common route for individuals to go between states or cities is via the railroads. On Flipkart, tickets start at Rs 1,299 for flights. For instance, the cost of a Rajdhani Express ticket from Delhi to Mumbai exceeds Rs 3,000. Flipkart is also offering a discount of up to Rs 3,000 on domestic flights only.

Low Cost Flight Tickets Booking in Flipkart
Flight offers on Flipkart. (Credit: Flipkart)

You May Get Inexpensive Airline Tickets In This Way

This is an excellent chance for you to travel throughout India by plane. Starting at Rs 1,299, tickets for SpiceJet flights may be purchased. You must apply the FLYFK code when booking the flight in order to do this. Bookings for Indigo flights begin at Rs 1,499, the lowest price. FLYFK code will also need to be used for this.

International Travel For Rs 4,999

Domestic travel may be booked for Rs 1,299 using the code FKDOM. Also, the airline has some excellent deals on foreign travel. On the Flipkart website, international travel is available for as little as Rs 4,999. When purchasing tickets, the FLYFK code must be used. Axis Bank Credit Card holders will now be eligible for an unrestricted 1.5% cashback on Flipkart.

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