Amrapali Flats News: Good News For Amrapali House Purchasers Is That Apartments Would Be Accessible By This Date

Amrapali Flats News: Thousands of prospective homeowners in 5 Amrapali developments in Greater Noida Extension have been waiting for apartments since 2010; however, the apartments have not yet been delivered. Their wait is almost over now. In actuality, NBCC—the firm behind the Amrapali project—plans to construct 15,000 crore more apartments.

Amrapali Flats News

Amrapali Flats News

Millions of Amrapali Group apartment purchasers had good news. The aspiration of several homebuyers to get a flat in the near future has really begun to revive. The Amrapali project’s construction firm, NBCC, plans to add 15,000 crore worth of additional apartments. Tell you this: since 2010, hundreds of prospective homeowners have been waiting for apartments in five different Amrapali developments located in Greater Noida Extension. As of right now, however, they have not received their flats. The date on which he would get the apartments has also been disclosed by Attorney General of India and Court Receiver of Amrapali Project R. Venkataramani.

When Will The Apartments Be Accessible?

K., Chief Management Division (CMD) of National Building Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC), the company constructing Amrapali’s unfinished project. P. Mahadevaswamy claims that 16,000 finished apartments have been sent to the Supreme Court’s receiver. By March 2025 of next year, the remaining 22,000 apartments will likewise be turned over to the Supreme Court’s receiver. Aside from this, 13000 additional apartments are being constructed, and reservations will open in June. These apartments will include 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms.

Money Began Flowing in

R Venkataramani, the nation’s attorney general and court receiver for the Amrapali project, said at a news conference on Thursday that the project would be finished no matter what. He said that at first, there were several financial issues and lenders would often decline to provide cash. However, the funding issue for this project has since been resolved thanks to the granting of extra FAR. In addition, we’re going to establish a few initiatives that will generate additional revenue and reimburse other defaulters, including Noida Authority, for their money.

Flats By Amrapali Will Also Be Constructed Here

The Greater Noida Authority has granted NBCC (India) Limited in-principle clearance for a 3.5 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) with regard to developments connected to the Amrapali Project. The projects Centurion Park (GH-05, Sector Tech Zone-IV, Greater Noida), Golf Homes (GH-02, Sector-4, Greater Noida), and Leisure Park (GH) are expected to be valued around ₹10,000 crore. Tech comprises three locations: Dream Valley (GH-09, Tech Zone-IV, Greater Noida), Leisure Valley (GH-02, Tech Zone-IV, Greater Noida), and Tech Zone-IV, Greater Noida.

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