Low Cost 125cc Bikes in India: These 5 Bikes, Which Are The Least Expensive, Will Save Money And Oil

Low Cost 125cc Bikes in India: There is still a need for 125cc bikes on the market. Bikes like the Hero Splendour, Honda Shine, and Bajaj CT125X are among the most popular in this class. The following lists the top five most reasonably priced 125cc bikes that are available in India; they have good mileage and are fairly priced.

Low Cost 125cc Bikes in India
Low Cost 125cc Bikes in India

Low Cost 125cc Bikes in India 2024

India has one of the largest bike markets globally. If you want to buy a new bike, there are a tonne of options available. In the 125cc class, there are affordable, high-mileage bikes. The top businesses in this sector are Honda, Bajaj, and Hero MotoCorp. If you’re thinking about getting a new bike as well, a 125cc bike can be a great option. If price is a concern, you may read more about the best five 125cc bikes by clicking this link.

5 Low Cost 125cc Bikes

  • Bajaj CT125X: The least expensive 125cc motorcycle in India is the Bajaj CT125X. It’s still the most affordable bike, even if its price has up in the previous year. When it comes to the disc brake type, the ex-showroom pricing is Rs 77,216, while the drum variation costs Rs 74,016.
  • Honda Shine: The Honda Shine in the 125cc class shines distinctively. This bike’s performance and design are well-known. The drum variant’s ex-showroom pricing begins at Rs 79,800. Concurrently, the disc model costs Rs 83,800 ex-showroom.
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125: Consumers also like the 125cc Bajaj Pulsar. Consumers are drawn in by its attractive appearance and powerful performance. Priced at Rs 80,416 (ex-showroom) for the basic model of Pulsar 125 and Rs 89,984 (ex-showroom) for the single-piece seat carbon fibre version. Payment of Rs 94,138 (ex-showroom) is required for the split seat variant.
  • Hero Super Splendor: Another powerful bike in the 125cc class that could be a suitable option is the Hero Super Splendor. The price of its drum model, ex-showroom, is Rs 80,848. The disc brake variant has an ex-showroom price of Rs 84,748; thus, you will have to spend a little bit extra for it.
  • Honda SP 125:A bike that offers a unique experience is the Honda SP 125. In addition to the drum and disc, there is a sports version available, which has a unique design. The ex-showroom prices for the disc variation, sports edition, and drum variant are Rs 90,017, Rs 86,017, and Rs 90,567, respectively.

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