Karnataka Stoped Car Washing: Discover why cleaning your car in Karnataka will suddenly result in a fine of Rs 5,000

Karnataka Stoped Car Washing: A punishment of Rs 5,000 will now be assessed for cleaning your automobile, per a new law that the Karnataka government adopted. Government departments have been forced to take strict action to save water because of the severe water crisis the state is currently experiencing. Water fountains, construction, gardening, and road upkeep are among the activities for which the Karnataka Water Supply and Sewage Board has outlawed the use of potable water. Additionally, anyone who disobeys the rule faces a Rs 5,000 punishment.

Karnataka Stoped Car Washing
Karnataka Stoped Car Washing

Karnataka Stoped Car Washing

Collectors have declared all of Bangalore City district’s taluks to be impacted by the drought, according to a recent article. Private tankers are also required to solve the water shortage. Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar of Karnataka said earlier this week in an emergency meeting that the government would prioritize irrigation and water management projects above other projects.

Districts Heavily Dependent On Water Tankers

Approximately 3,500 water tankers are in service in Bangalore, and the city’s neighboring areas rely significantly on them. Only 219, or 10% of the tankers, are officially registered with the government. The state government has also set water tanker pricing in response to claims that their operators were charging exorbitant fees to clients.

Price of Tanker

According to the Bengaluru district government, a 6,000-liter water tanker costs Rs 600 up to 5 miles, an 8,000-liter costs Rs 700, and a 12,000 costs Rs 1,000. For distances between 5-10 km, 6,000-liter water tankers cost Rs 750, 8,000-liter tanks Rs 850, and 12,000-liter tanks Rs 1,200.

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