Will Rishabh Pant do wicketkeeping? IPL 2024: Will Rishabh Pant handle wicketkeeping for PBKS against DC? Who is winning the competition between Delhi and Punjab on “Ground No. 36”?

Will Rishabh Pant do wicketkeeping? IPL 2024: Delhi Capitals vs. Punjab Kings is the second IPL 2024 match. This season’s first daytime match will take place today. After a 15-month hiatus, Rishabh Pant will make his professional cricket debut as an A captain with this match. The 36th location for the IPL will be the new pitch used for this match.

Will Rishabh Pant do wicketkeeping
Will Rishabh Pant do wicketkeeping

Will Rishabh Pant do wicketkeeping

Sometime in the future, “Ground No. 36” will host the second IPL 2024 match. This season’s first daytime match will take place here. The phrase “ground number 36” refers to the Punjab Kings’ new home ground, which is the 36th new IPL location. We are referring to the recently constructed Maharaja Yadvindra Singh Cricket Stadium in Mullanpur, which has an 81-yard perimeter. Its long square perimeter measures 74 yards. This pitch will host Delhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings.

Both teams will be focused on getting off to a winning start in their season opener. However, a significant concern regarding the Delhi squad is whether Rishabh Pant will continue to take wickets.

The matter of whether Rishabh Pant should keep or not?

Given that Rishabh Pant is about to return after a 15-month hiatus, the question of whether or not to retain him has emerged. Furthermore, it is no secret to everybody that he intends to return after healing from his wounds. Pant had to miss 15 months of cricket since he was involved in an automobile accident. But now that he’s recovered, he’s back. It has been determined that he is fit to bat and keep wickets.

Will Rishabh Pant start in goal for the Delhi Capitals against the Punjab Kings? It is more likely that Pant will start as the wicketkeeper. Nevertheless, the team has players like Shay Hope and Tristan Stubbs who can be inserted in the starting eleven if this doesn’t work out.

Punjab is going to ruin Pant’s hopes of returning after a 15-month break!

Additionally, Rishabh Pant will lead the Delhi Capitals as captain. When he returns after a quarter of a century, it will be up to him to lead the team to victory. But, Punjab Kings, led by Shikhar Dhawan, would be more determined to halt Delhi at their new home field the harder they try to win. The Punjab Kings should take note of this since it will help them beat the Delhi Capitals more frequently.

Who is winning the IPL between PBKS and DC?

When it comes to the overall IPL competition between the two teams, Punjab appears to be somewhat ahead of Delhi. Delhi has won 15 of the 32 matches that both have played, while Punjab has won 16. These two are tied with each other. However, if we examine the numbers pertaining to the match statistics from the last two years, Delhi Capitals are once more significantly ahead of Punjab Kings.

Delhi has defeated Punjab in five of the six games that have been played during the past two years. Punjab also has to narrow Delhi’s victory margin on its new home pitch.

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