Hardik Pandya Viral Video IPL 2024: Another injury to Hardik Pandya? News of Note From the Mumbai Indians Camp Viral Video

Hardik Pandya Viral Video IPL 2024: An Indian Premier League 2024 captain has been chosen by the Mumbai Indians. After Rohit Sharma was benched, Hardik Pandya was named captain. Still, a video claiming that Hardik Pandya has suffered another injury has gone viral prior to the commencement of the 17th season. But whether Hardik is hurt or not hasn’t been established yet.

Hardik Pandya Viral Video IPL 2024

Hardik Pandya Viral Video IPL 2024

The Mumbai Indians made a significant choice before to IPL 2024 and benched Rohit Sharma as captain. The Mumbai Indians won the Indian Premier League five times when Rohit Sharma was captain. However, he was relieved of leadership before to the 17th season, and Hardik Pandya took over. The Mumbai Indians gave Hardik the leadership because they were starting to consider options outside Rohit. Well, some significant news has surfaced ahead of the 2024 Indian Premier League, which may cause the Mumbai Indians management some concern. According to rumors, Hardik Pandya has sustained another injury.

Hardik Video Goes Viral

Hardik Pandya is seen laying on a stretcher in a video that has gone popular on social media. He seems to be hurt, and the physiotherapist is taking care of him. Although the details of this video are yet unknown, Pandya’s demeanor suggests that he may have suffered an injury during practice. This hasn’t been verified yet, however.

What Would Happen in the Event That Hardik Pandya is Hurt?

Hardik Pandya Viral Video IPL 2024: It is thought that Hardik Pandya is an injury-prone player. They are typically severely injured. He had an injury during the 2023 World Cup, which forced him to miss the competition. After this player recovered from his injury, the Mumbai Indians named him captain. However, rumors about Hardik’s injury have surfaced once again.

The Mumbai Indians’ whole game plan would be destroyed if Hardik is really hurt. Whether or whether the strategy would work without Hardik, even if the team may have considered a backup, would still be very important. Another concern is if Rohit Sharma would lead the Mumbai Indians once again if Hardik Pandya is out for a few games. Mumbai Indians supporters will undoubtedly keep a watch on Hardik Pandya, even if it is too soon to consider all of these issues.

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