Second Phase of IPL 2024 Can Be Organized in UAE: There will be No IPL 2024 Games in India During the Second Phase! UAE Nation Will Serve As the Host?

IPL 2024 Can Be Organized in UAE: Although the full schedule has not yet been released, the IPL 2024 will begin on March 22. The BCCI has merely disclosed the 21-match schedule. The good news now is that the remaining IPL matches may be held in the United Arab Emirates. This is being discussed by top BCCI executives.

Second Phase of IPL 2024 Can Be Organized in UAE
Second Phase of IPL 2024 Can Be Organized in UAE

IPL 2024 Can Be Organized in UAE ?

Indian Premier League (IPL) season 23 is about to begin. There is still no official IPL schedule available. Just twenty-one matches are on the BCCI’s calendar now. The Lok Sabha elections scheduled for this year are the cause of this. There is a word that BCCI may relocate the IPL’s second half from India to the United Arab Emirates. In an article citing sources, the English publication Times of India provided details about this. Leading BCCI executives are now in the United Arab Emirates, according to the source, and the possibility of moving the remaining IPL matches outside of India is being discussed.

On Saturday, the Election Commission will release the dates for the Lok Sabha elections. Following this, a decision on the scheduling for the remaining IPL matches will be made. However, BCCI could have trouble putting on the IPL because of the elections. The Indian Board is thinking of cancelling the IPL because of this.

An Official From BCCI in the UAE

According to reports cited by The Times of India, the Election Commission will declare the dates of the Lok Sabha elections on Saturday. The BCCI will then choose the timetable for the remaining IPL matches. The source states that several senior BCCI executives are already in Dubai, where they are investigating the possibility of hosting the second half of the IPL.

The BCCI has so far made available the schedule of games for March 22 to April 7. We are still awaiting the remaining matches. The matches could be separated if the second half is held outdoors. The penultimate stage of the IPL, which consists of holding the playoffs and finals only in India, might perhaps return to the country.

This Has Also Occurred Before

Every time there are Lok Sabha elections, the IPL is difficult to arrange. The entire IPL was played in South Africa for the 2009 season, which was the league’s second. Following this, the first part of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was hosted in the United Arab Emirates, while the second half was played in India. But in 2019, the whole Indian Premier League was held in India alone, even after the Lok Sabha elections. IPL was held in the United Arab Emirates by BCCI even during the Covid era.

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