Bullet Temple in India: Bullets Are Revered In A Temple In India! Throng Of Individuals Congregate

Bullet Temple in India: You must have seen temples constructed for gods and goddesses up to this point. On the other hand, have you ever visited the Bullet Motorcycle Temple? You’ll be shocked to learn this. Allow us to share with you the history of this temple’s building.

Bullet Temple in India

People in India have diverse attitudes about automobiles. Before purchasing a new automobile or motorbike, some individuals first visit the temple. Numerous individuals wear chunni on their motorcycles, and many put images of gods on the dashboard of their automobiles. This is a result of driving being a dangerous employment. In your everyday life, you must have seen a great deal of such incidents.

What about the Bullet Motorcycle Temple, though? Have you heard of it? There’s a similar temple in Rajasthan, which could surprise you too after reading this. In Chotila hamlet on the Pali-Jodhpur route, a stone platform has been constructed next to a tree along the road. This motorbike belongs to Bullat. This temple is located 53 km away from Jodhpur.

Interesting Story About Bullet Temple in India

The history of this Rajasthani bullet temple is really both tragic and very intriguing. Actually, in 1991, Om Singh Rathod of the Pali district in Rajasthan passed away in a tragic accident. The location of his accident is a modest shrine dedicated to Om. Here, in addition to his picture, a bullet has also been preserved. It is said that his ghost still guards against traffic accidents nowadays.

The Motorcycle Vanished From Sight

Police retrieved the Motorcycle from the scene and took it to the station. However, the location of Om Singh Rathore’s accident was reached by the motorcyclist during the night. This also astonished the cops greatly. The bike was then taken to the police station once again and secured with a chain this time. It is said that the chain-bound motorbike began to start on its own at night and was unable to move.

Recognition of Temple

Om Singh Rathore is revered as a deity by the locals that live close to the shrine. However, people from far parts of Rajasthan come here to worship Bullet in addition to locals. People often attach a red promise thread on the bike in conjunction with this. People claim that this place fulfills their desires.

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