TRAI New Guidelines 2024: TRAI instructed the telecom firms to display the caller’s name on the mobile device

TRAI New Guidelines 2024: Until recently, the third-party programme Truecaller was utilised by mobile users to obtain caller information. This might result in the data of mobile users being compromised. Because the Truecaller software asks for a lot of rights after installation, including access to contacts, messages, and mobile photo storage.

TRAI New Guidelines 2024
TRAI New Guidelines 2024

TRAI New Guidelines 2024

When you receive a call from an unknown number on your smartphone and no one’s number is stored there, your initial thought is probably, “Who could it be?” You don’t need to worry if this keeps happening to you since telecom operators all throughout India have been instructed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to adopt calling name presentation in the event that an unknown caller phones. Thus, his name will appear on your phone’s screen.

Smartphone users utilise third-party apps, such as True Caller, to learn more about incoming calls on their phones. When installing, third-party applications need a multitude of permissions in order to use their features, which include contact details, a phone gallery, a speaker, a camera, and call history. These third-party applications won’t function if you don’t provide permission to all of them, and if you do, there’s a chance that your private information may be compromised.

Trial of calling names presenting began

All telecom providers in the nation have been instructed by TRAI to implement the caller name presentation feature. Following that, the nation’s mobile service providers began their pilot programme. If this experiment is successful, the calling name presentation function will be rolled out nationwide, according to TRAI. After that, you won’t require any other apps to find out information on unknown numbers.

In this state of the nation, the trial began

The smallest circle in the nation has been chosen by TRAI to test the calling name presentation feature. The calling name presentation function in Haryana will thereafter be put to the test by the mobile service providers. Information indicates that testing of the calling name presentation function would begin in Haryana this month in accordance with TRAI directives.

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