Xiaomi 14 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Who is the Best Android Smartphone King?

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: The rivalry in the flagship smartphone market has intensified with the release of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. Another potent phone in this class is Samsung’s flagship Galaxy 24 Ultra. If you can’t decide between the two smartphones, do you know who the true Android phone monarch is?

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Comparison

The latest flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, was much anticipated. The phone’s teaser was shown by the firm for a considerable amount of time. But the business has finally introduced the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in India, ending the people’s anticipation. In the market for Android phones, this smartphone is regarded as being quite powerful. From the moment it came, Xiaomi’s new phone battled the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the leading Android flagship. The two phones are fiercely competing to determine who is the true Android flagship monarch.

Excellent features and specs have allowed the Xiaomi 14 Ultra to join the smartphone market. There are strong features included with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Choosing which smartphone to purchase might be challenging for those considering a premium Android phone. Tell us who, in terms of features and specs, is the true winner between the Xiaomi and Samsung flagship phones.

Design of Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: In terms of design, the two smartphones diverge significantly from one another. The camera module on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is enormous. Its back will have leather finishing applied to it. The phone has a flat display, but each of its four corners has a little curvature.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a sleek and simple appearance. The display design of this smartphone is flat and uncurved. The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a brand-new titanium frame.

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Xiaomi 14 Ultra in Terms of Display

Dolby Vision, HDR10+, 68 billion colours, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz are all included on the 6.73-inch QHD+ AMOLED display of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. For display protection, Xiaomi Shield Glass has been installed. There will be a 3000 nit brightness available to guarantee that everything is readable on the screen.

11.2-inch QHD+ LTPO AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ compatibility is included on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. For improved visibility, there is a 2600 nits brightness. To keep the display safe, there is Corning Glass Armour.

Comparing the Chip Sets of the Galaxy S24 Ultra with Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Both Xiaomi and Samsung’s flagship phones are compatible with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. The 16GB RAM and 512GB storage of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. As an alternative, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will support up to 1TB and 12GB of RAM.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra runs on HyperOS software. Contrarily, OneUI 6.1 is used on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. We are happy to inform you that OneUI 6.1 now supports Galaxy AI, allowing artificial intelligence (AI) to be utilised for a variety of activities, including writing, editing, and conversing.

Additionally, HyperOS has AI functions such as AI Portrait, AI Subtitles, and Mi Canvas.

Samsung S24 Ultra Camera vs Xiaomi 14 Ultra Camera

Rear camera configuration for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is quadruple. 50 MP OIS, 50 MP telephoto, and 50 MP periscope cameras with 3.2x, 5x, and 5x optical zooms are among the cameras in this set. Video calls and selfies may be taken using the 32MP front camera.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a quad camera system. 200MP OIS, 10MP telephoto, 3x optical zoom, 50MP periscope, 5x optical zoom, and 12MP ultrawide cameras are among its features. For selfies and video calls, there’s also a 12MP front camera.

Battery Comparison: Xiaomi 14 Ultra vs Galaxy S24 Ultra

A 5300mAh battery powers Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone. It will enable rapid charging up to 90 watts. In addition, 80 Watt wireless charging capabilities are accessible. Furthermore accessible will be 10 Watt reverse wireless charging technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is compatible with a 5000mAh battery. This phone is capable of 45 watt rapid charging. In addition, technologies for 4.5 Watt reverse wireless charging and 15 Watt wireless charging will be accessible.

Price and King: Xiaomi 14 Ultra vs Galaxy S24 Ultra?

It is now possible to purchase the Xiaomi 14 Ultra at the price of Rs 99,999. This is in contrast to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which can be purchased for a price of Rs 1,29,999 million. There is a about 30,000 rupee difference in pricing between the two cellphones.

There is a substantial difference between the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and the Galaxy S24 Ultra in terms of the price, since the Xiaomi 14 Ultra delivers features that are comparable to those of the phone. However, by analysing the features of such a flagship Android device, it is feasible to ascertain which Android flagship is the genuine leader.

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