Reliance Hanuman AI Chatbot: Hanuman The Chatbot, Which Can Speak 11 languages, will take on ChatGpt and Gemini AI

Reliance Hanuman AI Chatbot: In an effort to take on ChatGPT and Gemini AI, the Desi Hanuman chatbot is set to debut. There are eleven Indian languages that this chatbot can speak. Indian customers won’t need to rely on ChatGPT and Gemini AI anymore thanks to the entrance of several alternative AI models, many of which are now in the country’s debut phase.

Reliance Hanuman AI Chatbot

Reliance Hanuman AI Chatbot

Hanuman, a native chatbot, will soon be released to rival Chat GPT and Google Gemini AI. In reality, Reliance is creating this chatbot, which will be introduced under the name Hanuman. It is anticipated that Reliance would be able to provide the Hanuman Chatbot service for free, since ChatGPT and Google Gemini AI charge for premium services.

Reliance has created the Hanuman Chatbot in association with 8 prominent engineering colleges. In addition, Reliance is creating BharatGPT, a large-scale artificial intelligence project centred on language. Reliance said this during a conference held in Mumbai a few months back.

Reliance Hanuman AI Chatbot will function in 11 languages

Reliance’s first AI model will accommodate 11 native languages. It will greatly assist the financial, education, health, and governance sectors. Furthermore, the successful deployment of Reliance’s artificial chatbot would be a significant milestone for the corporation and facilitate the development of BharatGPT.

How Will The Chatbot Hanuman Operate?

The LLM approach, also known as speech-to-text user-friendly service, will be used by the Hanuman chatbot. Using vast amounts of data, an AI model learns to provide realistic audio responses. Reliance’s move to take on Open AI and Google Gemini AI is commendable.

India is Now Creating a Second AI Model

The nation is now creating a large number of additional AI models in addition to Hanooman Chatbot and BharatGPT. among which businesses creating AI models include Sarvam and Krutrim. The reliance of Indian users on Open AI and Gemini AI will cease if all of these AI models are released on schedule.

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