Thugesh Net Worth: See the full facts to see how one individual makes millions of rupees by creating humorous YouTube videos!

Thugesh Net Worth: Today’s youth in India are typically inquisitive about turning into YouTubers and content manufacturers because there are a variety of individuals in our nation who make thousands of crores of rupees a month handiest through the platform. We have know-how concerning Thugesh from the YouTube globe nowadays because of this.

Thugesh Net Worth

Thugesh Net Worth

If you use YouTube often, you have probably seen some of Thugesh’s videos. Since Thugesh has amassed a large following on YouTube thanks to his humorous videos, a lot of people are curious about his net worth.

Consequently, we will provide you with details regarding Thugesh’s Net Worth in this article today, along with a wealth of other facts about him. Please read this essay through to the end to learn more about Thugesh’s net worth.

Who is Thugesh?

Thugesh’s real name is Mahesh Keshwala, he is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer in India. Everyone knows Mahesh Keshwala as Thugesh, and today he has multiple channels on YouTube. Mahesh was born in Mumbai city of India on 9 September 1996, currently he is 28 years old. Mahesh wanted to become a model in the beginning of his career.

But due to lack of money, he could never become a model, that is why Mahesh started his own YouTube channel in the year 2014 while doing part time job in the beginning on which he used to make videos and upload them without showing his face. Although Mahesh had earned some money from his YouTube channel, he did not get much success from his first channel.

Thugesh Net Worth 2024

There are now four YouTube channels that generate revenue for Mahesh Keshwala: Thugesh, Thugesh Unfiltered, Asli Thugesh, and Thugesh Shorts. In addition, Mahesh makes money via commercial marketing on Instagram. With the aid of all of his revenue streams, Thugesh now makes between Rs. 15 and Rs. 25 lakh a month.

In terms of Thugesh’s net worth, sources indicate that his whole asset value is between Rs 5 and Rs 6 crores. Thugesh hasn’t personally verified this yet, however.

Thugesh Monthly Income₹15 – ₹25 Lakhs Per Month
Thugesh Net WorthApprox. ₹5 to ₹6 Crore

Thugesh Earns Money on YouTube

Although Mahesh Keshwala presently runs four popular YouTube channels, his primary channel, “Thugesh,” has over 5 million followers and receives millions of views on each of his videos.

Because of this, while discussing the revenue generated by the Thugesh YouTube channel, Mahesh’s earnings are limited to Rs 5 to 6 lakh per month when using the platform. The same Thugesh asks between Rs 6 and Rs 7 lakh for handling a YouTube brand contract.

Thugesh Instagram Revenue

Today, Thugesh, also known as Mahesh, has more than a million Instagram followers. Thugesh uses Instagram mostly to share his amusing videos and photographs with his followers. He enjoys creating reels for his Vlogs, which is why he receives a lot of attention on the platform.

When it comes to Thugesh’s Instagram income, he now charges between Rs 5 and Rs 6 lakh for brand deals on the platform. As a result, Thugesh makes roughly Rs 8 lakh a month from Instagram alone.

We hope that this article has provided you with some knowledge about Thugesh’s net worth. Please feel free to share it with your friends in order to provide them more information.

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