Tech Burner Net Worth: Income Sources, Age, Real Name, Website, Hight, Education, wiki, Bio, YouTube, Girlfriend Name

Tech Burner Net Worth: Today, we’ve gathered information on the well-known YouTuber Tech Burner from the world of YouTube. There are many well-known Creators on the platform these days, and many people are curious about their riches.

Tech Burner Net Worth

Tech Burner Net Worth

Tech Burner’s technology-related videos are probably something you’ve seen at some time if you watch YouTube videos on technology. Millions of viewers watch Tech Burner every month, making it one of the most popular YouTube channels in the technology niche. People are curious about Tech Burner’s net worth in such circumstances.

Consequently, we will be sharing Tech Burner’s Net Worth with you in this article today, along with a wealth of other information on the person. You may learn more about Tech Burner’s qualities by reading this page through to the conclusion.

Who is Tech Burner and Real Name?

Real Name Shlok Shrivastav, tech burner is a well-known Indian social media influencer and YouTuber. Delhi, India’s capital, is where Shlok was born on December 3, 1995. Owing to his lifelong fascination with technology, Shlok launched the Tech Burner YouTube channel in 2014 and began posting tech-related videos there.

However, he had a difficult time at first because of the lack of views he received on YouTube and the copyright issues that plagued some of his films. Shlok persisted in his effort of posting films to YouTube despite these setbacks, acting on his enthusiasm.

Because of this, Shlok’s Tech Burner YouTube channel has amassed more than 11 million subscribers, making it one of the biggest Tech YouTube channels in India. In addition, Shlok has built a number of his enterprises solely with YouTube’s assistance. Of which Overlays Clothing and Layers, his two businesses, are quite well-known.

Tech Burner Net Worth And Income Sources

Speaking about Tech Burner’s revenue streams, they now rely mostly on their YouTube channel, brand deals, Instagram, business revenues, and other sources. Tech Burner makes between Rs 30 and Rs 40 lakh a month with the aid of all these revenue streams.

Regarding Tech Burner’s net worth, sources state that the company has assets totaling between Rs. 22 and Rs. 24 crores.

Tech Burner Monthly IncomePer Month ₹30 to ₹40 Lakhs
Tech Burner Net WorthApprox. ₹22 to ₹24 Crore
Tech Burner Net Worth

Tech Burner Revenue on YouTube

At present, Shlok Srivastava’s YouTube channel Tech Burner has over 11.4 million followers, and his videos get over 10 lakh views every video. In addition to this, the public adores all of his videos.

Now, if we discuss Tech Burner’s income from YouTube, this channel alone helps him make between Rs. 6 and Rs. 8 lakh a month. For a brand contract, Tech Burner’s YouTube channel might fetch up to Rs 10 lakh in fees.

Tech Burner Net Worth

Income from Tech Burner Instagram

In addition to being very active on YouTube, Tech Burner also uses Instagram to publish technology-related films with his followers, a feature he calls Reels. Tech Burner now has over 4 million Instagram followers as a result.

Moving on to the topic of Tech Burner’s Instagram income, Tech Burner charges between Rs 5 and Rs 6 lakh for Instagram brand deals.

Tech Burner Net Worth

Tech Burner Girlfriend

If we are speaking about Tech Burner’s girlfriend, Siddhi Bhardwaj is her name, based on information that can be obtained online.

We hope that you have gained knowledge about Tech Burner’s net worth from this article; please spread the word to your friends so they can learn more about it as well.

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