Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview: Kept My Emotions in Check During the “Shaitaan” Filming, But On the Final Day, Everything Got Out of Hand

Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview: Actress Janki Bodiwala has been at the top of the acting world, as shown in Ajay Devgan’s “Shaitaan.” This adorable girl portrayed Jhanvi, the teenage daughter of Ajay Devgan and Jyotika, in the movie. However, Janaki, who is currently 28 years old, hasn’t worked in Gujarati cinema in a very long time.

Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview
Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview

Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview

In the Gujarati film “Vash,” which is a Hindi adaptation of “Shaitaan,” Janaki portrayed Arya. Janaki, who was born in Ahmedabad on October 30, 1995, is thrilled about her Hindi film debut, “Shaitaan.” A unique discussion with him…

How Did You Develop An Interest in Acting?

Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview: I began my acting career in the Gujarati film business. I had the same childhood aspirations of being an actress, just like other females. When I was little, I had the desire to be an actor after witnessing all the actresses. When I watched movies, I used to believe that the actress was singing; but, after I came to, I discovered that the songs weren’t actually sung by her; rather, she was merely doing a performance. I adore Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kajol’s movies. I never felt drawn to acting until I saw his movies.

How Did You Get Your Start in the Gujarati Cinema Industry?

“Chello Divas,” a Gujarati movie, was my first choice. I was chosen for this movie based on my audition. The biggest hit of the year was this 2015 release, which came out of nowhere. I had no acting experience prior to this movie because I had never taken acting classes or studied theater. Working on films is the only way I’ve learned anything. I began writing songs in Gujarati after “Chello Diwas,” including “O Tari,” “Tamburo,” “Daud Pakad,” “Chhutti Jashe Chhakka,” “Tari Maate Once Again,” “Bau Na Vichar,” “Nadi Dosh,” and “Vash.” worked as a film crew.

How Did It Feel To Be In Front of the Camera For the First Time?

I felt somewhat anxious. My family and I have no relationship whatsoever with movies. How many people were on the set and how to act in front of the camera were things I was unaware of. I felt like a student who had not studied at all before entering the test room. It was precisely the same with me. I didn’t have my opening scene when I showed up for shooting on the first day. I was quietly observing everyone’s performance from the corner. I gained a lot of knowledge while filming that movie.

The Gujarati Film “Vash,” which was remade, was how you first saw Hindi cinema. How did you feel when you were initially asked to participate in “Shaitaan”?

That the Hindi version of the Gujarati movie was in the works made me extremely thrilled. This is a major issue. The Gujarati film industry is developing gradually. Making a Hindi adaptation is significant given the sluggish development of Gujarati cinema. Received a call from “Shaitan”‘s production crew. I was aware that it would happen at first. However, I didn’t think so till after the movie was out. By the time the movie came out, I was certain that this had really happened.

What was your initial impression of Ajay Devgan when you First saw him during the film’s production?

Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview: Undoubtedly, we are all huge admirers of him. But I had to cooperate with him as well. It wasn’t made clear over the whole one-month filming how much of a fan I had been of his. However, I lost all emotional control as soon as the movie’s filming concluded. Ajay approached Sir slowly and asked if he would allow him to get in on a selfie. “Off course,” he said. I then expressed to him how much I admire him.

Which Ajay Devgan movie would you have watched first if you had recovered consciousness?

I first watched his movie “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.” I still remember a lot of this movie from when I was much younger. I really enjoy Ajay Sir’s film “Khaki,” aside from this. In this movie, I really enjoyed Ajay Sir. I had a great time viewing his picture “Kaal,” except from “Khakee.” I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with a Hindi film star I greatly like. During the film’s production, I learned a great deal from Ajay Sir.

What was it like to collaborate with R Madhavan?

It’s been an amazing journey. I gained a lot of knowledge from him by observing his commitment to his career. For me, the way he approached his role and approached his profession was similar to attending acting classes. I learned a great deal from Jyotika ma’am, Madhavan sir, and Ajay sir. I count it a wonderful blessing that early in my career I was able to collaborate with some of the biggest names in Indian film.

What Roles Do Your Parents Play in your Life, and what kind of Support have they Given you as an Actor?

My mother, Kashmira Bodiwala, is a homemaker, while my father, Bharat Bodiwala, practices law. Dhrupad Bodiwala, my younger brother, is a student in Canada. My parents have been very supportive of my acting career. You always reassure me that you ought to pursue the career you find fulfilling.

If Acting Had Not Been your choice, who would you have become?

Janki Bodiwala Viral Interview: Therefore, I would have studied dentistry. The Goenka Research Institute of Dental Science in Gandhinagar awarded me a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). However, I wanted to pursue acting.

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