Rahul Gandhi Promises to Give 30 Lakh Jobs: 30 lakh jobs Promised, a Law Against Paper Leaks… Rahul’s “Confidence in Recruitment”

Rahul Gandhi Promises to Give 30 Lakh Jobs: Rahul Gandhi pledged to provide permanent jobs to 30 lakh positions for youngsters before the Lok Sabha elections. Congress will pass a legislation to prohibit paper leaks, he added, in order to avert situations like this. Additional hiring will take place for open positions in Anganwadi and public sector programs.

Rahul Gandhi Promises to Give 30 Lakh Jobs
Rahul Gandhi Promises to Give 30 Lakh Jobs

Rahul Gandhi Promises to Give 30 Lakh Jobs

Parties’ pledges have begun to accumulate as the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 draw near. Rahul Gandhi has furthermore provided his assurances in the meanwhile. He pledged to draft legislation on paper leaks and thousands of jobs, along with some positive news for the nation’s young, on social networking platform X. Rahul promised that under the Bharti Bharosa Yojana, the Congress would appoint people permanently to thirty lakh jobs. In addition, he said that legislation would be created to remove paper leaks in order to prevent situations similar to this one.

Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress will take extra care to ensure that hiring is done in an open way, keeping issues like paper leaks front and center. For this, he will also enact a legislation. He said, “We will set UPSC-like standards in the examination up to Group D, and we will give equal importance to every recruitment.” To avoid problems such as paper leaks, examination protocols of the highest calibre shall be introduced. He discussed excluding from consideration for recruiting any criminal accountable for the document leak.

Will Create New Posts If Needed

In addition to the disclosure of classified material, Rahul Gandhi pledged to appoint successors to open positions in public sector, government agencies, and programs like as Asha and Anganwadi. In addition, new positions will be established if additional personnel are needed in areas like education, health, and the railroads. Speaking of his new program, Rahul said that the Bharti Bharosa Yojana would enhance governance in addition to giving the nation’s young jobs.

Annually, The Graduate Will Get Rs 1 Lakh

Rahul Gandhi gave the young on X five assurances even before to this. Rahul said on Twitter that the Congress will provide a stipend of Rs 1 lakh annually to all graduates and holders of diplomas. Aside from this, he also provided social security and pension guarantees. Rahul has also promised to provide the young ₹5000 crore in starting funding from the national treasury.

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