Haryana Brijendra Singh Joins Congress: After Receiving a Shock From the BJP in Haryana, MP Brijendra Singh Defected to the Congress

Haryana Brijendra Singh joins Congress: Brijendra Singh, a Haryana-based BJP Lok Sabha MP, left the party and joined the Congress. For a long while, he was upset with the party. Birendra Singh, a former Union Minister, is the father of Brijendra Singh. The Brijendra Singh Public Accounts Committee (India) and the Standing Committee on Defense (India) both include him as a member.

Haryana Brijendra Singh Joins Congress
Haryana Brijendra Singh Joins Congress

Haryana Brijendra Singh joins Congress

An important blow to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came just before the Lok Sabha elections. Following his resignation from the BJP, Haryana’s Brijendra Singh made his way to the home of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge. He will then enlist in Congress after this. Additionally, his father, Chaudhary Birendra Singh, the former Central Government official, will also be joining the Congress; however, he will do it at a rally later. He had resigned on Sunday as the Saffron Party’s leading member before to this.

Speaking about his resignation from the BJP, he remarked, “I have to say that I had to do so for political reasons.” I thank the national president as well as the party. A longstanding family connection to the Congress exists between Brijendra Singh and his father, former Union Minister Birendra Singh. As you may recall, there was a persistent threat to remove Brijendra Singh’s ticket after Kuldeep Bishnoi’s BJP debut. In addition, the JJP affiliation was a source of resentment for Chaudhary Birendra Singh’s family against the party. About the farmers’ movement, Agniveer, and female wrestlers, Brijendra Singh was incensed.

A Member of the Public Accounts Committee is Brijendra Singh

He defeated Dushyant Chautala and Bhavya Bishnoi to win the Lok Sabha seat from Hisar in the 2019 elections. He is the great-grandson of renowned farmer activist and former bureaucrat Chhotu Ram. His mother Premlata Singh was the assembly member for Uchana, while his father Birendra was a Union minister.

Brijendra Singh is also a member of the Standing Committee on Defence and the Public Accounts Committee. He served the nation for 21 years as an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer before voluntarily retiring. He got the 9th place in the Civil Services Examination in 1998. At JNU, Brijendra Singh completed an MA in modern history. Jind, Haryana, is his hometown.

I’m Not Descended From a Nepotist

Following the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Brijendra Singh joined the political sphere. He had said that he was not the result of nepotism at this time in his election address. He is the legendary Haryanaian Chhotu Ram’s great-grandson. Due to accusations of sexual harassment, BJP MP Brijbhushan Sharan Singh was the target of protests last year, which were openly backed by wrestlers led by Brijendra Singh. In 2022, there were rumors that Brijendra Singh was thinking of joining the Aam Aadmi Party. He subsequently denied these rumors, however, and said that he had no intention of joining the AAP.

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