Congress Party Released the Second List of Candidates 2024: In the Second List of the Congress, this Muslim MP’s Ticket Included 76% Dalit and Backward Faces

Congress Party Released the Second List of Candidates: The Congress Party has unveiled its second slate of contenders for the next Lok Sabha elections. With the introduction of candidates, Congress has made every effort to win over Dalit and conservative votes. 76% of candidates for Congress on the second list are from the backward classes and Dalits.

Congress Party Released the Second List of Candidates
Congress Party Released the Second List of Candidates

Congress Party Released the Second List of Candidates

To be held on Tuesday, the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress Party unveiled its second list of contenders. 43 names in all are included in the list of candidates. 76 percent of the applicants on this list are Dalit and backward, which makes it the most unique feature about it.

10 general category, 13 OBC, 10 SC, 9 ST, and 2 Muslim candidates are among the 43 applicants on the list. Following the release of the second list, it is evident that the Congress intends to use Dalit and backward faces to spearhead a central government challenge to the BJP administration.

Rahul Gandhi, the former president of the Congress, has often spoken Dalits and backward people. That item is now evidently included in the list of candidates somewhere. Phool Singh Baraiya, Pankaj Ahirwar, Omkar Singh Markam, Rajendra Malviya, Radheshyam Muvel, and Porlal Kharte in Madhya Pradesh are among the individuals who received tickets from the party.

In Rajasthan, too, a large number of Dalits and other disadvantaged individuals have been fielded. Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Chaudhary from the Karimganj seat of Assam and Rakibul Hussain from the Dhubri constituency are the two Muslim faces to whom the party has issued tickets; the ticket of a Muslim MP has been withdrawn.

Phool Singh Baraiya Maidan is behind it

Congress Party Released the Second List of Candidates: The Congress party has awarded MLA Phool Singh Baraiya a ticket from the Madhya Pradesh seat of Bhind. Scheduled Caste has the right to occupy this seat. In Madhya Pradesh, Phool Singh Baraiya is regarded as a significant Dalit leader. Given the circumstances, Congress has given Baraiya a ticket from this constituency in an attempt to win over Scheduled Caste, Tribe, and Backward Class votes.

The Congress fielded Baraiya from Bhind in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections conducted last year. Baraiya won the Bhind seat even after the party was defeated. Nakul Nath, the son of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, has been granted a ticket by the party for the Chhindwara constituency.

In addition, Pankaj Ahirwar is a well-known figure in Madhya Pradesh politics. Ahirwar’s caste is Scheduled. He is the Tikamgarh candidate for the party. In Tikamgarh, there is a sizable population of Scheduled Caste voters. Pankaj Ahirwar is the Madhya Pradesh Congress’s State Vice President for the Scheduled Caste Department. Ahirwar had declared his intention to run for the assembly seat in 2023, but the high command has chosen to allow him to run in the Lok Sabha elections instead.

Mandla’s Omkar Singh Markam, a Large Tribal Man

Aside from this, Omkar Singh Markam from the Mandla seat has received a ticket from the party. Markam is the Dindori MLA at the moment as well. Markam is regarded as one of the major tribal leaders in Madhya Pradesh for the Congress. In 2014, Markam ran for the Lok Sabha from the Mandla seat as well.

Rajendra Malviya, on the other hand, was selected for the Lok Sabha seat from Dewas-Shajapur. The State Congress Committee’s previous president was Rajendra Malviya.

Since Malviya is a member of the Balai community, Congress has tried its hardest to resolve the caste issue in this case as well. In a same vein, Radheshyam Muvel has been nominated to fill the Dhar Scheduled Tribe seat. The ticket from the seat designated for the Khargone Scheduled Tribe has been handed to Porlal Kharte. Sidhi, a member of the Kurmi caste, has fielded Kamleshwar Patel.

Opportunities For Several Underprivileged Individuals in Gujarat and Rajasthan

Dalits and other disadvantaged individuals have also been fielded by the party in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Assam. Lalit Yadav was fielded by the party from the Rajasthani constituency of Alwar. In other words, the party has also placed a wager on OBC faces. Congress has included Dalit and OBC candidates in this election.

In Assam, Abdul Khaliq’s Ticket Was Revoked

Current Barpet, Assam MP Abdul Khaliq’s ticket has been revoked by the Congress Party. In a letter sent to Jitendra Singh in February, Abdul Khaliq denounced the MLAs for acting as agents of Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma inside the party and for casting multiple ballots in the presidential election.

It was alleged that the state president did nothing to discipline the MLAs who were employed there. In his stead, Deep Bayan has now received a ticket from the party.

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