Uttarakhand BJP launches Modi Guarantee Song: A song Including Aspects of Modi 10 Years of Effort is Launched By the Uttarakhand BJP

Uttarakhand BJP launches Modi Guarantee Song: The song “Modi Ki Guarantee,” performed by Shubham Pawar, was introduced by the BJP in Uttarakhand. Both audio and video are included with this tune. An effort has been made to illustrate the projects that Prime Minister Modi has committed to finish and carried out during his administration via the film.

Uttarakhand BJP launches Modi Guarantee Song
Uttarakhand BJP launches Modi Guarantee Song

Uttarakhand BJP launches Modi Guarantee Song

Uttar Pradesh Shubham Pawar’s song “Modi Ki Guarantee” has been released by the BJP. The lyrics of a song he sang in favor of PM Modi for the impending Lok Sabha elections are “Modi’s guarantee, happy Uttarakhand, Namo-Namo Modi, tum sabki pasand…,” and Shubham Pawar is an Uttarakhand local.

During the 10-year Modi regime, Shubham Pawar made reference to the development work completed in Uttarakhand in this song. Through the song, he has conveyed to the world what has been accomplished in Devbhoomi during the last ten years. In addition, the song makes reference to a number of significant policies and plans that are being carried out nationwide.

Dushyant Said that Uttarakhand Will Rule in the Next 10 Years

Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni was present during this, as was BJP General Secretary and Uttarakhand in-charge Dushyant Gautam. Dushyant Gautam said that Uttarakhand would rule the next ten years at the song’s premiere. He said that this song would encourage young people to support the BJP and PM Modi. Simultaneously, Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni of the BJP said that the Lok Sabha elections are being planned. The Prime Minister has a unique bond with Uttarakhand. There is also a lot of love for PM Modi among the locals.

Both Audio and Visual Are Included in the Song

Every leader heard and saw the music in a hall before to the launch. Video and audio are both included in the song. A further effort has been made in the movie to showcase the projects that Prime Minister Narendra Modi both inaugurated and lay the groundwork for.

BJP Goal this Time is to Surpass 400 Figures

During these Lok Sabha elections, the NDA, headed by the BJP, really hopes to surpass 400 seats. The target was declared by PM Modi personally. This time, PM Modi had said, “We are aiming to cross 400,” at a recent speech to BJP employees. BJP’s goal in this is to reach 370.

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