Power Crisis Due to ChatGPT: AI May Be the Cause of a Power Problem Since ChatGPT Consumes As Much Energy As 17,000 Homes Use Per Hour

Power Crisis Due to ChatGPT: Many nations across the globe employ artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis. You may be startled to learn that many of you who use ChatGPT and other AI applications might eventually be the root of a global power crisis.

Power Crisis Due to ChatGPT
Power Crisis Due to ChatGPT

Power Crisis Due to ChatGPT

Many nations throughout the globe are experiencing an electrical problem, which becomes much worse in the summer. Even in India, we often have electricity-related issues. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being employed on a daily basis in many different nations. It’s possible that many of you utilize ChatGPT and other AI tools, but you may be startled to learn that these technologies have the potential to trigger a global power outage at some point.

5,000 Kilowatt Power Consumption Every Hour

Five thousand kilowatts of power are used every hour by OpenAI’s well-known AI chattool ChatGPT, according to a report. Merely 200 million users’ daily requests are the basis for this consumption; should the quantity of requests rise, so too would the consumption. In comparison to the typical American house, ChatGPT uses 17,000 times more power per day on average.

Future growth in the use of generative AI can result in higher energy usage as well. As to the findings of data scientist Alex de Vries, if Google included generative AI into every search, the company’s yearly usage might surpass that of whole nations like Kenya, Guatemala, and Croatia, with an estimated 29 billion kilowatt hours wasted.

The energy consumption of AI was highlighted by De Vries, who said that while large tech firms have made their AI servers more energy-efficient, each one now uses the same amount of power as over a dozen UK houses. Since openness is lacking, it is difficult to estimate the entire power usage of the AI world.

By 2027, Vries projects that the whole AI industry may use between 85 and 134 terawatt-hours per year, based on statistics from Nvidia, a manufacturer of AI chips. At half a percent by 2027, this will account for a significant portion of the world’s power usage.

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