AI Teacher Viral Video: For the First Time, An AI Teacher Will Be Shown in a Classroom the Footage Moved Many People

AI Teacher Viral Video: Social media is seeing a viral video. In this video, artificial intelligence is being used to teach schoolchildren.

AI Teacher Viral Video
AI Teacher Viral Video

AI Teacher Viral Video

Globally, there is a sharp rise in the use of artificial intelligence, or AI. India is now using AI in the sphere of education. Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly evolving area that sees daily advancements. India is now using AI in the sphere of education.

AI Robotic Instructor Demo

On social media, a video is gaining popularity. This movie shows how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to teach pupils. This is a state video from Kerala. that makerlabs_official posted on his Instagram account. Kerala is become the first state using artificial intelligence (AI) in education. This is being done using humanoid robots. Students are starting to take an interest in the school’s Generative AI School Teacher, which was just introduced a month ago.

Teacher robot with AI capabilities

A video shows a female AI instructor at the Generative AI School in Kerala interacting with students while donning a saree. Additionally, schoolchildren were seen to shake hands with her. We have named Iris, this humanoid robot. Iris the AI Teacher is able to discuss three topics. This allows Iris to quickly and simply respond to complex inquiries, making her queries understandable to younger audiences.

Iris is the nation’s first generative AI teacher, not only in Kerala, but also according to “MakerLabs Edutech,” the business that introduces AI robot. ChatGPT programming is used to create the knowledge base of AI Teacher Iris. For your information, this robot was created as part of NITI Aayog’s Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) initiative.

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