4 Tips To Reduce To Much Chilli In Your Food: The Veggie Has Much Too Much Chilly! Then You Should Utilise these 4 Suggestions

4 Tips To Reduce To Much Chilli In Your Food: Many individuals choose not to consume food that has an excessive amount of chilli or chose to toss it away. In this case, the four greatest methods we’ll outline in this post to fix the error will also alter the flavour of your dish.

Tips To Reduce To Much Chilli In Your Food
Tips To Reduce To Much Chilli In Your Food

4 Tips To Reduce To Much Chilli In Your Food

Spice-loving is a popular cuisine preference in India. Also, without spicy food, the flavor feels lacking. Unfortunately, overindulging in chilli may occasionally result in the squandering of all that hard work when consuming spicy cuisine. Hence, this post is for you if you’re one of those individuals that overuses chili powder while cooking. Sure, we’ll give you some advice on how to cut down on the chili.

Many individuals find that food tastes excessively spicy and choose to discard it instead of eating it. In this section, we’ll provide you with excellent correction recommendations that will allow you to tone down the heat in your spicy dishes.

Use Tomato Paste

It occurs often that the veggie contains more chilli than is necessary. To lessen the spice level of the veggie in this circumstance, you may use tomato paste. This doesn’t need much work on your part. Toss the tomato paste into the veggies after adding a little oil to the pan.

Desi Ghee

There is absolutely no need to be concerned if a meal has an excessive amount of chilli. To lessen the spice, you may add butter or desi ghee. This will lessen the spiciness of the meal while also enhancing its flavor.


Using cream might be very helpful if your veggie has unintentionally developed hot chiles. This will lessen the spiciness and thicken the veggie. When the veggie is hot, add the cream and simmer over medium heat.

Fine-Grind Flour

Reducing the amount of chilli in meals is another advantage of flour. Fry three to four spoonfuls of flour in a little oil for this. Add flour to the veggies after that. This method may be used to thicken vegetable gravy if it is too thin even with flour added.

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