One Day Netflix Series Review: A Lavish, Cheesy, and Predictable Relationship

One Day Netflix Series Review: “One Day” is a temporally grandiose but ultimately charming affair. It is predictable to watch, but it doesn’t take away from its charms completely.

One Day Netflix Series Review

One Day Netflix Series Review

There have been problems with romance on television. Given its lengthier duration, it seems natural that the canvas around a couple usually becomes broadened, or that the tension between them is subtly dispersed and concealed among a greater cast of individuals. While sometimes getting dragged down by the format, Netflix’s One Day makes good use of it.

The night after graduation, Emma (Ambika Mod) and Dexter (Leo Woodall) cross paths for the first time. They spend the night joking about, plainly in love with one another, and end the next day vowing to stay in contact, both of them taken aback and not knowing how to handle their obvious deep bond. The 14 episodes of the program follow Emma and Dexter as they navigate the demands of adulthood, culminating in the day of this promise—July 15—each year.

One Day Netflix Series Review

One Day, a 2011 film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, is an adaptation of David Nicholls’ 2009 novel that stays true to its literary form in terms of having one chapter every episode. Every year on July 15, we see the evolution of Emma and Dexter—both as people and sometimes as individuals apart from one another. They first cross paths as wide-eyed recent college grads, and subsequently as bitter adults. They obviously have love for one another, but because neither Emma nor Dexter is willing to take a chance, their sentiments are usually more visible to the camera.

One Day

Cast: Leo Woodall, Ambika Mod, Eleanor Tomlinson, Amber Grappy, Jonny Weldon, and others

Episodes: 14

Runtime: 30 minutes

Storyline: Emma and Dexter meet each other at the end of their college lives, and promise to keep in touch. With each passing year, as they grow into adults, their bond is tested

One Day Netflix Series Review

Even though the two characters’ relationship is the show’s ultimate focus, a number of the episodes are devoted to examining their separate lives. While Dexter, without a plan, secures a hosting position that comes with a healthy dose of celebrity, Emma, who had aspirations of becoming a writer and changing the world, ends up becoming a teacher. Additionally, One Day does some of its greatest work in these episodes.

There are moments when Emma and Dexter are simply looking into each other’s eyes, even though the program excels at the entire will-they-won’t-they dynamic. Their signature gaze usually has more weight when they first meet one other again, almost three years after their last encounter. We have witnessed their relationships with other people grow and fade. The large individual turmoils that the audience is anxious to share with one another are also known to them. Though not wholly unsatisfactory in terms of chemistry, the script for the program unfortunately does not appear to want to favor this type of tempo.

Though Ambika and Leo are formidable opponents, Ambika excels at capturing Emma’s subtle changes over time. Once again, a bit more evenly distributed screen time would have improved the way her performance was shown.

With its distinctive idea of a yearly check-in with the leads, One Day—a chronologically vast but ultimately lovely affair—benefits from its relative predictability. Even if it shines when showcasing personal development, the program nonetheless follows much of the formula for a slow-burning romance.

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