How Do Survive People in Village: A study found that the Average Villager’s life Expectancy is just 45 Rupees a Day

How Do Survive People in Village: In the last ten years, the typical Indian consumer’s monthly spending has grown dramatically. Looking at official statistics, the village’s lowest guy makes around Rs 45 a day for his livelihood. Please share with us the changes in the country’s spending habits of both rural and urban residents.

How Do Survive People in Village

How Do Survive People in Village

In India, the way that people spend their money is evolving. The nation’s consumption of consumer goods is rising as people move from rural to urban areas. The lowest of the poor in the town and city, however, have very modest daily costs. The poorest person in the city can only afford to spend Rs 67 a day, while the poorest person in the rural must spend Rs 45 a day to survive.

The monthly average per capita consumer expenditure (MPCE) statistics were recently made available by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). Based on the Household Consumption Expenditure Survey 2022–2023 (HCES), these numbers have been calculated. This indicates that the 5% of the people living in the lowest rung of the village spends an average of only Rs 1,373 a month on consumer goods. As a result, it comes to Rs 45 a day. The average monthly spending per person among the lowest five percent of urban residents, according to statistics on population density, is Rs 2001. This expense amounts to around Rs 67 each day.

When compared to the wealthiest 5 percent of individuals in both villages and cities, according to the SCES data sheet. Accordingly, the village’s average monthly per capita consumption spending is Rs 10,501 (or Rs 350 per day). The top five percentile in metropolitan areas spend an average of Rs 20,824 (about Rs 695 per day) on consumer goods each month.

The Nation’s Consumer Expenditure Is Rising

The average monthly consumer spending of the nation’s population has almost doubled from 2011–12 to 2022–2023, if we include the total population. In urban regions, households are projected to spend an average of Rs 6,459 per capita per month on household expenses in 2022–2023 at current rates. As opposed to Rs 2,630 in 2011–12. In the same way, ten years ago it was just Rs 1,430 in rural regions; now it is Rs 3,773.

The average monthly household spending of the rural population has increased by 164 percent, whilst the urban population’s expenditure has increased by 146 percent. Generally, the NSSO distributes this data every five years. These numbers were published this time, with a ten-year gap between them.

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