AI Robot Dog: The blind will be guided by an AI robot dog that can follow instructions

AI Robot Dog: AI robot dog “Spark” goes by that name. With 12 servo motors that let it to walk, sit, stand, and even dance, this 3D printed plastic and aluminum dog is rather impressive. The Spark has several different types of sensors, including as LIDAR, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors.

AI Robot Dog

AI Robot Dog

There are more than 220 crore blind persons in the globe who are dependent on others. They used to be unable to finish any task, whether it be inside or outside the home, without assistance from others, but this will no longer occur.

At the James Watt School of Engineering College in Scotland, an AI Robo Dog has really been designed for the blind that can assist them both inside and outside. People who are blind may easily do their everyday duties with the assistance of an AI robot dog.

How many crores of people stand to gain?

Approximately 220 crore individuals worldwide are either totally or partly blind, according to statistics. The Scottish-developed AI robot dog will be tremendously beneficial to these individuals. We’re going to explain to you how AI robo dogs operate. In addition, we will discuss the technology included in this AI Robot Dog that enable it to assist those who are blind.

Able to issue orders verbally

Speaking to an AI Robo Dog developed at the James Watt School of Engineering in Scotland will allow you to provide orders. With your input, this AI robot dog will listen and respond appropriately. Additionally, blind persons may easily cross roads with its assistance.

AI robo dogs have made use of this technology

AI Robo Dog to assist the visually impaired will soon be on the market. This robo dog can provide assistance both inside and outside thanks to its GPS and cutting-edge camera. It is also possible to voice commands to this robotic dog.

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