CAA Implementation Reactions: Following the Statewide Adoption of the CAA, Police Leave Was Cancelled

CAA Implementation Reactions: Following the Central Government’s Monday CAA warning, vigilance was heightened. Flag marches across the streets were initiated by police equipped with anti-riot gear. Every instant, representatives from DGP Headquarters gather information from all throughout the state.

CAA Implementation Reactions
CAA Implementation Reactions

CAA Implementation Reactions

Following the Central Government’s announcement of the Uniform Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), there is a statewide state of high alert. Police officers no longer receive paid time off. There are orders from DGP Headquarters to be more watchful.

The state police had begun preparations fifteen days in advance because to the prospect of issuing a CAA notice. Police officers were receiving equipment and training in all of the commissionerates and districts to cope with riots and other emergencies. Special care is being used this time around due to the fact that twenty individuals lost their lives in violent demonstrations that occurred in about fifteen districts during its last deployment.

Let us remind you that prior to the Monday release of the CAA notice, all commissionerates and districts received an order from DGP Headquarters cancelling police leave. The directive also requested that police officers who are on leave for whatever reason be called back right away. In addition to stepping up security in all the important areas, police officers who were on leave have been told to report back to their posts by Monday at 6 p.m. as a precaution. Only in extraordinary situations and with the approval of a higher authority would they be permitted to take time off. Three to four thousand refugees reside in the state, according to police sources. Nevertheless, this figure is approximative.

Police Seized Control

The Central Government’s announcement of the CAA on Monday prompted heightened vigilance. Flag marches were conducted throughout the streets by police equipped with anti-riot gear. Information is regularly being collected from the whole state by authorities at DGP Headquarters. Additionally, social media is being closely monitored by law enforcement. The notification system should be the primary focus of DGP Prashant Kumar’s orders for all commissionerates and districts. Also, the anarchistic components noted during the 2019 anti-CAA demonstrations are being closely monitored. Those who disseminate rumours will face immediate and harsh punishment.

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