Budget 2024 Updates: The President said in his speech to the Parliament, “The dream of building the Ram temple has finally come true after centuries of dreaming.”

Budget 2024 Updates: Today marks the beginning of Parliament’s budget session. The Economic Survey will be made available by the government prior to the interim budget. The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will also hear the Privilege Committee’s report about the MPs who are alleged to have caused disturbances and engaged in lewd behavior in Parliament. Check out the latest information on Parliament.

Budget 2024 Updates

Budget 2024 Updates: Following the President’s in-depth speech, Chairman Dhankhar listed the accomplishments in short

In an extensive address that lasted one hour and thirteen minutes, President Draupadi Murmu presented the government’s goals and plans. Subsequently, in accordance with the parliamentary system, Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar gave a short speech in English.

Budget 2024 Updates: significant outcomes of the government’s internal peace initiatives

According to him, human-centric development is a priority for the administration. Every citizen’s dignity is of utmost importance to us. He said that the administration, which operates under the slogans of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Prayas, is committed to giving all members of society equal chances.

The villages next to our borders were thought to be the last settlements in the nation, according to President Draupadi Murmu. It was established as the nation’s first village by the government. He said that we are now seeing the significant outcomes of the government’s efforts to promote internal harmony.

The Made in India brand is now well-known around the world. He said that environmental issues are fully handled by the government. Additionally, efforts are still being made to produce high-quality goods that adhere to international standards. The government is putting a lot of emphasis on zero impact and zero defect because of this. He said that labor in the tourist sector had reached previously unheard-of levels. 8.5 crore people went to Kashi.

Various government programs for the wellbeing of the people are bringing about changes

The President said, “My government is working at every level to increase the power of women power,” in reference to the growth in the number of women serving in the nation’s legislature and state assembly. He listed the initiatives the government is doing to support farmers, saying that it wants to lower agricultural costs and boost farmer earnings. He said that all of the government’s programs for the general welfare are bringing about change. These are not only facilities; these programs are improving the lives of the nation’s residents throughout their whole lifespan.

Budget 2024 Updates: India’s great structure would be supported by four sturdy pillars

In his speech to the joint session of Parliament at the start of the budgetary session, the President listed the steps taken to strengthen small businesses and micro, small, and medium-sized companies (MSME). According to him, the administration is working tirelessly. One of the biggest developments in the last ten years, according to him, is the establishment of Digital India. All Indians dream of such infrastructure, and it is being developed in India today. “The government believes that the grand edifice of developed India will stand on four strong pillars,” said the President. He referred to the poor, farmers, women, and youth as the four pillars. He claimed that my administration controlled inflation in the nation and prevented the burden on the average Indian from rising in spite of the global problems.

Budget 2024 Updates: Preparation to make law regarding irregularities in examination

The administration is aware of young people’s worries over test malpractice, according to President Draupadi Murmu, and plans to pass legislation to put an end to it. Murmu also listed a number of other actions taken by the Central Government, such as the repeal of Jammu and Kashmir’s Article 370 and the creation of new legislation to replace outdated colonial criminal statutes.

Attempts to establish a business-friendly environment

He said that many of these national interest projects that India’s citizens had been waiting decades to complete had been completed in the last ten years. There is growing confidence that India is headed in the right path and making the right choices as we examine several aspects of the economy today. “My government has made good governance and transparency the main foundation of every system,” the President said, reflecting on the last ten years. According to him, the government is always trying to make sure that doing business in India is simple and that the country’s atmosphere is conducive to it.

For the first time in its history, poverty is dissipating across the nation

President Draupadi Murmu listed the programs designed for the industry’s workforce as well as the measures taken to guarantee openness in her speech. He said that financial advantages of thousands of crores of rupees had been guaranteed for farmers. The export of agricultural goods is rising as well. “Since our early years, we have all heard platitudes about ending poverty,” he said. For the first time in our lifetimes, we are seeing the widespread eradication of poverty.

Budget 2024 Updates: The dedication to perform, reform, and change is unwavering

According to the President, the administration operates under the tenet of “justice-paramount.” The nation is creating laws to safeguard digital data. The nation’s innovation and research will be strengthened under the National Research Foundation Act. He also brought up the Jammu and Kashmir reservation bill. According to the President, the administration is succeeding in keeping up its will to perform, reform, and change.

India’s growth rate increased by 7.5% for the second quarter in a row

President Draupadi Murmu said that the previous year had been filled with historic accomplishments for India in his inaugural speech at the newly constructed Parliament House. He said that India’s growth rate was 7.5% for the second quarter in a row and praised the nation’s economic measures. He was also appreciative of programs such as Digital India.

The President added that delivering the Amrit Kalash to Delhi was a historic occasion, referring to the soil that was carried to the city from the villages of martyrs throughout the nation. It is admirable that the administration started the Meri Mati Mera Desh campaign in response to this.

Parliament Budget 2024: In the 75th year of independence, Amrit Mahotsav

The nation honored the unsung heroes of the liberation struggle on the 75th anniversary of the Constitution’s ratification. As the nation celebrated Amrit Mahotsav in its 75th year of freedom, the younger generation experienced independence once again. The appreciative country honored its liberation warriors.

Speech by President Draupadi Murmu at the Parliamentary budget session

Before the budget session began, the President gave a speech to the joint session of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, stating that India had accomplished many historic firsts in the previous year. In addition, he commended the MPs for passing the bill establishing women’s reservations. He spoke on how the Asian Games had produced the most medals ever, how Chandrayaan-3 was a huge success, and how the goal of erecting a Ram Temple had come true. The Members of Parliament in the House thumped the table in celebration at the President’s statement. He said that this year has seen the fulfillment of the centuries-old dream of a Ram temple.

The President claims that the laws passed during the slavery period are now a part of history. According to him, the government enacted stringent laws to put a stop to the wicked practice of triple talaq. He emphasized that this was his first speech in the recently constructed Parliament building.

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