How is Anil Kapoor So Fit: Why is 68-Year-Old Anil Kapoor in Such Good Shape? Sonam Kapoor, Revealed

How is Anil Kapoor So Fit: Anil Kapoor, a seasoned actor in films, is often questioned about his health. Everyone is curious about his fitness secret. Sonam Kapoor, the actress and father of Anil Kapoor, has disclosed how her father manages to keep in such good shape. What information did Sonam provide? Understand every detail.

How is Anil Kapoor So Fit

Despite his current age of 68, Anil Kapoor’s athleticism makes it impossible to determine his age. How is Anil Kapoor so fit? is a question that people often ask him. Sonam Kapoor, his daughter, has now divulged the key to her father’s health. He has also brought up his uncles Sanjay Kapoor and Boney Kapoor.

Sonam was questioned about Anil Kapoor’s health during an interview. He responded by saying that Anil Kapoor does not use alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Sonam claims that Anil Kapoor doesn’t do anything to injure his physique. Sonam Kapoor also brought up her uncle throughout the meeting. In reference to Boney Kapoor, he said, “Boney uncle enjoys leading a happy life.” He enjoys eating and drinking a lot.

What Was Revealed By Sonam Kapoor?

Sonam Kapoor said in the interview that Sanjay Kapoor has a moderate lifestyle, but her father adheres to a rigorous diet. “Sanjay Chachu is in the middle, but all three are very healthy and good-looking,” Sonam said. Sonam has also credited her mother for Anil Kapoor’s physical condition. He said that while his mother chastises him like an Indian wife, father still makes mistakes from time to time.

A New Film By Anil Kapoor

When it comes to Anil Kapoor’s most recent endeavors, they include the movies “Animal” and “Fighter.” In Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal,” he had a significant part. At the box office, “Animal” brought in a tonne of money. Around Rs 915 crore worth of commerce was made globally by the image. In the film “Fighter,” Anil Kapoor costarred alongside Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan in major roles.

Sonam Kapoor, however, was last seen in the 2023 motion picture “Blind.” He performed the part of a blind character in this image.

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